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i'm a good person. not a nice person. confuse the two at your own risk. here are shots of my art, shots of my work, and of other small parts of my life.

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Paintijg for show

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All framed, in my car.
7th May 2006, 17:44   comments (0)


(viewed 601 times)
Flat tire on the 5. What fun.
19th Apr 2006, 14:16   comments (4)

Dear god, why?

(viewed 607 times)
who was the moron who decided to combine vibrators and razors?! why is this thing not in a fetish section of a sex shop?
16th Apr 2006, 20:27   comments (4)

Falconer, last night.

(viewed 533 times)
Joe, brian, and the riverside courthouse, which is right across the street.
15th Apr 2006, 22:09   comments (0)

Royal falconer, last night

(viewed 560 times)
A british pub in riverside, run and staffed by expats. I am here because joe invited me out, and my planned date stood me up. We're doing our best to consume guinness and jägermeister.
15th Apr 2006, 22:07   comments (1)

Detour, confused.

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Joe's cat, detour. Who's wondering why i'm not feeding him.
15th Apr 2006, 19:10   comments (1)


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My rottweiler-shepherd mix, kai. in a rare playful mood.
14th Apr 2006, 15:57   comments (5)

Just wrong

(viewed 627 times)
How can the peas be mushy AND dry? Do explain.
11th Apr 2006, 03:56   comments (5)