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i'm a good person. not a nice person. confuse the two at your own risk. here are shots of my art, shots of my work, and of other small parts of my life.

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with my 'boss' look on, even.
26th Oct 2006, 22:58   comments (4)

plumbing woes

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what a trainwreck. the plumber was at my place until midnight last night, just to get me running water and a working toilet. then again, with a house that's over 100 years old, what can one expect?
17th Oct 2006, 17:32   comments (0)


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these are the pipes outside my front door; namely, the hot water and gas pipes. the water pipe's corroded, and the gas pipe isn't much better. the place hasn't had hot water or heat since early friday morning.

a plumber came, with my landlord, to look at the pipes and see what could be done about it. they're byzantine in design -- no idea which pipes run where, or how they connect to other bits in the house. there's talk of just capping off all those old lines, and running new ones from the street to the house.

my landlord offered to put me up in a hotel, but frankly, it's more of a pain to move evrything over to a hotel for however long this takes, than it is to just heat up water with the coffee pot and take sponge baths.
10th Oct 2006, 02:50   comments (0)

note from a barista

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7th Oct 2006, 17:58   comments (0)


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just in an odd mood.
5th Oct 2006, 23:26   | tags:comments (1)


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the sep-sep graph shows what i've done since i've been here; the
larger one shows the entire dept's workload since inception.
28th Sep 2006, 19:01   comments (2)

really damn tired.

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15th Sep 2006, 23:40   comments (1)

cramped class

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from last saturday. how we keep managing to fit everyone in such a
small space, i'll never know.
15th Sep 2006, 23:27   comments (0)