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I am married to Spiderbaby and live in Banbury, Oxfordshire after eight years living in the USA and Sweden. I am working and training as a clinical scientist for the NHS in Oxford.

There are now over ten years of photographs on my blog! It all started with a photograph I took on the 1st of May 2004... It's been a wonderful journey, thank you all who have shared it with me, and made this blogging community one I keep coming back to!

Interesting things I read recently:

"Only one in five people born [in the UK] since 1975 believes in God".
Source: Prof David Voas, University of Essex

"For every dollar invested in the Human Genome project, $141 was returned to the US economy". Francis Collins, NIH
Source: New Scientist 27 July 2013.

I am Pavlovs_dog on PSN and would be happy to link up with Playstation-owning mobloggers : )

Too Much Information: The first album I ever bought was the Fraggle Rock soundtrack. Pretty cool, eh? I was only 16 : )

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Wierd structure on campus

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It's supposed to celebrate a mathematical breakthrough made at the university.

Sun-kissed horizon

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Taken just after midnight at lake Nydala. It never really got dark and by the time we'd cycled home it was quite bright again.

As we watched, sunset melted into sunrise and the sky was deep blue, purple and gold. A moment not even midges and Swedes loudly playing euro-metal through tinny speakers could spoil.

Boulderfields and Butterflies

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At last a chance to explore out of town. We did see a Moose, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera I'm sorry to say : (
8th Jun 2011, 19:27   | tags:,,comments (2)

Kulturnatta, Umeå

This saturday saw the annual cultural/music festival in Umeå. The last pic is a belly-dancing troupe a friend belongs to (although she wasn't performing this time).

The last-but-one shot shows Melissa looking in incredulity at people advertising a beachwear shop by basically pretending to be at the beach. Live modeling isn't uncommon. I had the shock of my life when I first saw the 'mannequins' in a clothes shop move around...

Dr Who: The Demons of Red Lodge

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Been trying to get hold of this for a while but it was always out-of-stock on Amazon. I'm a Dr Who skeptic (as many of you know) but this audiobook includes a story written by William Gallagher, a man I came to know through his UK DVD Review podcast (now sadly off-air) and am now pleased to call a friend. I'm looking forward to finding the time to listen to it!

FrootLoops: EU vs. US, the battle of the breakfasts

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A comparison between FrootLoops sourced from different sides of the Atlantic reveal the surprising absence of the beloved blue loop. The blue loop is generally acknowledged by connoisseurs to be the greatest and most tasty of loops. Even the logo on the box is affected by this travesty, with the purple loop having to fill-in for its missing brother. This deplorable situation seriously degrades the visual appeal of the box. Note also the flabby, over-large appearance of the EU loop, in contrast to the smaller but perfectly-formed all-American loop.

The differences between European and American FrootLoops are stark. It is quite clear that the poor European is being denied access to the best loops by unaccountable Eurocrats, only interested in lining their own nests with money and blue-flavoured loops.

We all know that our politicians are like pigs at the trough, and now we know what it is that they are scoffing! Brothers and sisters it is time for action! We must march on Brussels and demand our rights, our liberty, and our little blue loops!

A Spiderbaby in the wild

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13th Apr 2011, 18:48   | tags:,comments (7)

Peak district

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13th Apr 2011, 18:43   | tags:,comments (3)