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Hornsby station

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I use Hornby station about 5 days a week because I attend Hornsby Tafe . No car for this hard working student but that's fine with me an early start to the day means I can just sit back and relax. some times I read have a quick cat nap (never miss the stop though) yes train travel is the way to go and far less expence too.
17th Aug 2005, 04:24   | tags:comments (1)

A pub is a pub

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This pub has beer but I never drink any alcohol so this place is not on my list of Hornsby attractions who wants to sit in a smoke filled room just to drink an overpriced Diet coke sorry Slim but to me there is nothing so lonesome morbid or drear than to stand at the bar of any pub no beer or not.
17th Aug 2005, 04:23   | tags:comments (0)

The End

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Oh No it's all gone this is the end the end....hey its only a coffee plenty more where this one came from hooraay I love a good coffee boy do I. And Gloria Jeans is a lovely place to get my daily fix they make a darn lovely coffee too so coffee lover of the world rejoyce.
17th Aug 2005, 04:23   | tags:comments (1)

A student's delight

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Opps caught me ahh... a student's delight now you know what I ment coffee, coffee, coffee giveme, giveme, giveme no really I love a good hot strong coffee but I don't live on it just one or two cups of daily joy to get this student through the day no this cup is not glued to my face.
17th Aug 2005, 04:17   | tags:comments (0)

Bordering on reading

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I love to read just as well I know how I read a lot of books but can only afford to buy them on sale I always have book in my bag to read when travelling on holiday too it is a great past-time you can learn a lot too so get into reading.
17th Aug 2005, 04:15   | tags:comments (5)

Hi ya all Mogblogers

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Hi ya all moblogers it's crazeedog just your happy little Tafe student from oz happy snapping see ya Mr De Mill I'm ready for my close- up now I never got smaller it was the pictures that got smaller here's to you all out there in the dark.
17th Aug 2005, 04:14   | tags:comments (8)

Tafe Library

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A student's life is not all text books and more text books we do get a lunch hour and in this I visit our Library to look at the internet your moblogs now. However if it is textbooks you want this library is the place to go to find just what you are looking for.
17th Aug 2005, 03:23   | tags:comments (0)

Is this pretty?

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Hope you think so I took this as an example of bushland in a hurry because I was lagging behind all the rest where already back at Tafe so I hope this counts or this will go and another will take it's place so enjoy.
17th Aug 2005, 03:22   | tags:comments (0)
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