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Cricket on the tv, faggots on your lap.

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That's what Saturday dinner times are about. And I'm not taking Brains faggots either. No.. These are the real deal. If you are going to eat meat, the very least you can do is not waste any. And so, from this philosophy the faggot was born. Praise be!
11th Mar 2006, 12:38   comments (0)


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Behold, Berthold's Political Handkerchief! An extremely rare radial publication from 1831 - a newspaper printed on cotton to evade the newspaper tax. And now, it's mine! A very lucky and stunningly cheap auction purchase. Now i just need an early copy of the Northern Star. It doesn't take much to please a massive chartist geek.


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A mildly productive day then, even though i woke up this morning with no voice. The crust surrounding my vocal cords dislodged itself discreetly throughout the morning, and i was able to get on and do some work quite undisturbed by it.Now after a late shower it's time to apply a good coat of moisturising moisturiser, to combat the effects of the de-greasify-ing stuff i'd been using that worked a bit too well. It gave me cheeks like an old leather belt. Fantastic stuff, this new moisturiser.. It'll take me from worn leather to bum of baby in ten seconds. Marks.. Set.. Go!
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