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Last xmas, when I still had hair. aww, cute braids!

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16th Sep 2005, 03:32   comments (2)

a kind of artistic picture scott took of me - last xmas

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16th Sep 2005, 03:31   comments (0)

A picture of Daisy and I

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16th Sep 2005, 03:12   comments (0)

C'est moi!

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I am just having too much fun with this thing. So, this is me. Voila!
20th Jul 2005, 15:23   comments (4)

My hunka hunka burnin luv

(viewed 499 times)
Isn't he cute?
19th Jul 2005, 19:52   comments (2)

Niagara Falls - New York side

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This would have been the perfect picture if not for those pesky arms in
the way. I suppose I could crop them out.
19th Jul 2005, 19:30   comments (3)


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Can you tell how much I love my dog? She's my baby!
19th Jul 2005, 19:23   comments (0)


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I love this, you can see her little legs!!!
19th Jul 2005, 19:20   comments (0)