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This moblog is a moblog for all Attendees of the founding meeting of the "Citizens Against Terror" network.

Citizens Against Terror is an emerging network of citizens and citizens’ groups from across the world, working to support democratic, human rights based responses to terrorism.

The project is an initiative born of civil society’s participation in the Madrid summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security, March 8–10, 2005, and is inspired by the millions who took to the streets of Spain after the March 11 attacks, to protest and mourn for the dead.

As the Madrid Summit made clear, since terrorism is the indiscriminate use of violence against civilians for political ends, they must be central to the strategies envisioned to deal with the problem. Citizens are agents and not just victims.

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Some girls

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Imane Courti, Salima Ahmadou and I, outside the museum. Imane came to help
translate the meeting into Spanish, Salima came from the Moroccan Forum for
Alternatives and I came from... I'm not sure... I came from the Shropshire
hills (attached in the picture) and the emerging 'Citizens Against Terror'
project, which I have been working on since 2005.
1st Apr 2006, 15:34   comments (0)

El loco

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In the Picasso Museum I eyed up 'El Loco', the madman. I thought he would
make the perfect logo for our bordering-on-mad network.
1st Apr 2006, 14:59   comments (0)

Peace conference

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At the same time as our founding meeting, a parallel week-long conference
'the third international gathering for the culture of peace' was taking
place in Barcelona.On Monday night, Jack Du Vall, President of the International Centre for
non-violent conflict was giving a presentation on 'Civilians in non-violent
conflicts: how civilians can fight for human rights and for
self-determination.' I went along with Shirouk Dillaa of the Iraqi women's
network and Mohammed Fatal of of Al Amal. Jack Du Vall played a documentary
about non-violent resistance and the fall of Pinochet. Mohammed gasped at
the scenes of police cracking their batons down on the fallen bodies of
protestors. I think I had thought the Iraqis would be somehow desensitised
but more than anyone their they felt those blows.
While Jack was talking about the 'power of non-violent resistance' and what
people have achieved through history standing up to oppression, Shirouk's
phone rang. She ran outside to answer it. It was a friend from her
organisation telling her that colleagues had been kidnapped by armed militia
men and that they were doing all they could to save them. I wondered then,
as I did throughout the talks that day, how far the spirit of non-violent
resistance can succeed in Iraq today, given the complexity and the multiple,
hidden sources of terror. I hope that it can.
1st Apr 2006, 14:23   comments (0)

Another two reasons...

(viewed 647 times)
Why Santa Maria is my favourite church...
30th Mar 2006, 15:57   comments (0)

La comida

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Web guru and project saviour Bill Thompson with Mary and Frank Fetchet, who
run Voices of September 11 set up after their son Brad was killed in the
twin towers.
30th Mar 2006, 15:55   comments (0)

The courtyard

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Yuri, Yahia, Hakan Altinay and Mary Kaldor outside the Picasso museum
Perhaps Mary is on the phone to George Soros again..:)
30th Mar 2006, 15:48   comments (0)

The window

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One of the reasons that Santa Maria Del Mar is my favourite church.
30th Mar 2006, 15:44   comments (2)

Outside the Picasso Museum

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Gabor Rona (Human Rights First) and Paul Hilder (Young Foundation) deep in
30th Mar 2006, 15:42   comments (0)
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