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I've been blogging for years now, but I've only comparatively recent got myself sorted with a good enough cameraphone to do this!

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If you're shopping in brum this weekend, take some time out to visit Urban Pie. Just spent a tenner there and so worrth it! Plus after 5pm, all the pies are half price! :D
19th Dec 2009, 16:13   comments (1)

Mince Pie Review 2009: Co-Op Truly Irresistible Luxury All-Butter Mince Pie

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Time to start the 2009 mince pie reviews! I'll be scoring on four criteria: pastry, mincemeat, moreishness and value for money.

These Co-Op mince pies were ?1.59 for six (26.5p each) and have an almost shortbread consistency to the crust. Sugary and a tiny bit on the thin side (but not fatty or greasy), it scores 7/10.

Unfortunately, the pastry's let down by the mincemeat. The filling is a bit on the miserly side for a luxury mince pie, with hard raisins and fruit cubes in an (albeit tasty) sauce. Sadly, with a big gap between the filling and the pie's roof, you need to have at least 2 to feel satisfied. 5/10.

Moreish, but not for the right reason. 6/10.

Given the price, they're certainly not a bad pie - the 7cm diameter is quite generous. Value for money tempers the lacklustre filling and promising name and this mincepie gets 6/10 overall.
16th Dec 2009, 00:56   comments (0)

The Birmingham Big Wheel's back!

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And it looks stunning. I didn't get a chance to go on it the frist time, so a trip on it this december is an absolute must.
18th Nov 2009, 18:03   comments (1)

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Another quality Acorah programme. I seriously cannot even believe one single person watches this.
7th Nov 2009, 22:36   comments (2)


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CDs? Pfft, you can barely see them. And as for MP3s? Nah, you can't even smell them. Vinyl ftw.
3rd Nov 2009, 18:04   comments (0)

What's he brewing in there?

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Housemate's been busy again...
29th Oct 2009, 22:30   comments (0)

Yes to this

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Kicking it oldskool at work today. Loving this!
29th Oct 2009, 13:13   comments (3)


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Tea. Cake. Smashing.
13th Oct 2009, 02:32   comments (1)