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I've been blogging for years now, but I've only comparatively recent got myself sorted with a good enough cameraphone to do this!

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These things are cool.

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Have unlabeled power supplies hanging around is a pain. What polarity are they? If you try to use them on a bit of gear with an opposite polarity it'll go pop. But with this dinky tool you can check in a second. Not bad for ?2.49.
28th Aug 2010, 21:58   comments (0)

I love European anglicisms

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At a trade show, speaking to packaging company. Amongst the examples, this (from Masterfoods) - for the French and German markets. Of course, 'brekkie' is the Scouse slang for 'breakfast', unintended lingusitic hilarity ensues
24th Jun 2010, 13:51   comments (0)

A Binful of Byron

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We've had hundreds of copies of this record for years, never sold em. Does anybody want a job lot? Before they're picked up on Wednesday next week...
14th May 2010, 15:03   comments (3)

Oh, the oddities you find in British pubs

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Found nestled on a pub bookshelf. Do want.
11th May 2010, 20:57   comments (1)

I was just up there

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And I have the graduation certificate to prove it :D
19th Feb 2010, 11:42   comments (3)

MPR 2009 Late Entry #1: Marks and Spencer

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Pleasingly consistent result from M&S; here with their 2009 entry. Slightly sticky, yet crumbly, casing; mincemeat slightly on the sweet side and plenty of it. Would buy again - but only perhaps in conjunction with a dryer pie to complement.
19th Feb 2010, 09:46   comments (0)

A big day for little Chris

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Big day today.
19th Feb 2010, 09:25   comments (2)

Aww :(

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I want a snow day :(
11th Jan 2010, 10:25   comments (0)