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I've been blogging for years now, but I've only comparatively recent got myself sorted with a good enough cameraphone to do this!

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These crisps know my birthday!

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I like this time of year, because a lot of foods' best by dates are the same as my birthday (which means presents ahoy! Arrrr)

International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September the 19th by the way - set your alarm clocks!
27th Jul 2007, 05:53   comments (0)

Fscking cheap packaging

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70% less packaging than a standard bottle... But 70% less strength than a standard bottle when it falls off the top shelf, hitting you on the way down!

At least my trousers smelt nice when I got home and washed them :)
27th Jul 2007, 05:43   comments (0)

Like a caged animal

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What I see. Moblog decided to let me rotate the picture too, which was nice of them. :)
26th Jul 2007, 04:12   comments (0)

Stuck in the cash office, ho hum

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I know it's an easy ?60, and I'd rather do this than fill (shelves), but it's stll bloody boring having to supervise a technician while he installs a new pod system - been mostly stuck in here (or the high value section of the warehouse) from 10pm last night, with an hour at 2 for lunch but not much else... Not even got a radio in here! zzzzzzzzz
17th Jul 2007, 05:44   comments (1)

Just saw this in our cash office

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Nice to know our reference material is current (check the date!!!)
17th Jul 2007, 00:16   comments (1)

Slow news day?

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Glad to see our licensepayer pennies going towards important news reporting And to think that people criticise the Beeb!
16th Jul 2007, 11:51   comments (1)

Water: essential body fuel... But is it the only one?

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Saw this booklet at work (oh look, kindly sponsored and published in association with Nestl? Waters UK Limited!) which details how drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is essential in keeping your body moisturised and fully functional. However, water's a bit boring. Robinson's, Ribena, all that's alright sometimes, but gets a little dull (and it's really sugary).

So, I thought, let's think... Liquid... Contains water... Tastes nice... Comes in a variety of colours and flavours......BEER! As Homer Simpson once said, "beer: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." Mmmmmmmm, beeeer.

(PS - Simpsons Movie out later this nonth! Woohoo!)
13th Jul 2007, 05:48   comments (0)

And they came, in their thousands

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Just not while I was at work!
10th Jul 2007, 23:47   comments (0)