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I've been blogging for years now, but I've only comparatively recent got myself sorted with a good enough cameraphone to do this!

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Guess where I am right now!

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For now I'm at home, soaking up the last of the free food and beer at my parents' place... From next week though, it's back to Brum for me - and my placement. Should be an interesting year...
13th Sep 2007, 14:51   comments (0)

Cars with sunroofs:

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Great on sunny days! :D
13th Sep 2007, 14:46   comments (0)


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My sleeping patterns are all screwed up again. This is me right now as I fight to stay awake - only had two hours of sleep last night, not for lack of trying either!

Do you like my lovely pillow? xx
22nd Aug 2007, 09:50   comments (0)

Thanks for warning us,

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But couldn't you have put the notice at the TOP of the cup where people would see it?

Incidentally it was SCALDINGLY hot, I burnt the roof of my mouth in my eagerness for caffeine :( That'll learn me!

Seen at South Mimms Welcome Break, not too far from Watford and just off the M25.
20th Aug 2007, 04:58   comments (2)

Facebook, nooooo!

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Argh, I need my early morning fix and they go and UPGRADE! How DARE they! :D
3rd Aug 2007, 04:58   comments (1)


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Woolies have stopped selling hot lips in their Pick 'n Mix... Come to think of it, it's not even called Pick 'n Mix now, it's called Candy King! Shock horror.

Rest of it is still tasty though :D
30th Jul 2007, 22:14   comments (2)

Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Somehow my hair has grown a ridiculous amount in the space of 8 weeks - not entirely sure how! Anyway, thought it was time for another trip to yon barber shop to get some of it sheared off to make into jumpers.

I'm wearing shorts today! Nice bloody weather! I'm so pasty white... :(
30th Jul 2007, 16:56   comments (0)

Revealed: the great American identity switcharoo

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Who would've thought that Mihael Jackson and Sandra Bullock were the same person? (hint: it's all in the nose)
27th Jul 2007, 22:40   comments (0)