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I've been blogging for years now, but I've only comparatively recent got myself sorted with a good enough cameraphone to do this!

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Still have it!

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Found whilst cleaning the room in an old wallet... My Daft Club card! (This came with CD copies of Aerodynamic; I bought mine whilst in France so not sure if it was available outside of their home country).
10th Sep 2011, 13:18   comments (1)

How many cats does it take to make fabric conditioner?

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I don't know, but I'm sure The Co-op does.
14th Jul 2011, 19:42   comments (0)

Avoid this car!

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If you drive around the Tipton / Oldbury area, careful - this old Audi A4 (piloted by an aging Asian guy from what I could see) is a bit kamikaze (or just clueless) when it comes to driving. Drove into me on a roundabout this morning!
3rd Jun 2011, 15:18   comments (0)


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Cheers tomorrow sell-by-date!
13th Jan 2011, 19:06   comments (0)

Wolverhampton, pigskin central?

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Or so it seems to be. Next time you buy some delicious, delicious pork scratchings check where they were made - chance are it was right here, just down the road from where I work! I'm sure there's only a handful of companies actually making the stuff round here...
21st Oct 2010, 17:53   comments (0)

Greenbelt cinema: Jeremy Hardy

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Venue at capacity! Time to enjoy Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army...
30th Aug 2010, 11:46   comments (0)

In the Nun

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As such... The Nun is one of Greenbelt's two pubs (the other being the Jesus Arms), housed in a novel double tipi!
29th Aug 2010, 21:12   comments (0)

The bar at the Tiny Tea Tent

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These guys are brilliant. Properly chilled out and ready to embrace sleep now.
29th Aug 2010, 02:32   comments (0)