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Henham Steam Rally 17-19-09-2010 Pt 4

Johns Davros Chair goes on display as work in progress, and repairs take place to dalek Sekk
20th Sep 2010, 17:41   comments (0)

Henham Steam Rally 17-19-09-2010 Pt 3

The lights of the fair, the steam gallopers rotate, and the steam organs sound out their music.
Then there were the Daleks......
20th Sep 2010, 17:00   comments (0)

Henham Steam Rally 17-19-09-2010 Pt 2

Fire Engines through the years, followed by Andy the Clown, Daughter Megan, and Professor Jingles, entertain the crowds of Children swarming around with magic and balloon art.
20th Sep 2010, 16:20   comments (0)

Henham Steam Rally 17-19-09-2010

Well what can i say, a beautiful weekend, cold but no rain, and when the sun finaly got out from behind the clouds, it was warm.
Very exhausting though and hard going at times, but we did well. Plenty of happy faces.
Our Friends Andy The Clown And Professor Jingles where there too Happily entertaining the crowds of kids, with Magic tricks, balloon modeling, and Punch and Judy, The singing and dancing playing out the days.
The Beer Tent must have done well too, the live music provided by Murphys Lore, had the footstompers toe tapping late into the night, lots of merryment going on there.
For the first time this year the whole club was in attendance, and we would like to thank them all for their support through out the week end.
So too we would like to thank the many memebers of public who attended making the weekend a wild and busy one.
20th Sep 2010, 15:39   comments (0)

Johns Davros Chair

Well two weeks since we added here, so today we got on with it. First we had to replace the speed regulator, as when it was glued into its casing, we used rather too much Supa Glue, and never noticed, that although it sure stuck it in place, but also stuck it in the stop position, and even after breaking the glue, its work had been done. This would not work again.
So while Dale striped out the head set off another broken scooter, i began work on the back rest.
This would be by letting in two lengths of 2x1 planned smooth. Holes cut and squared through the shoulders, and skirt top for the main two uprights, these due to the size of the whole machine are cut shorter than should be, so as not to make the whole thing tower over its user, yet still keep the idea right to look at.
We also have taken the foot plate off another chair, that is almost the right shape for the head plate, and as its made of Aluminum, will again cut down the weight, and wont look that much out of place.
Re fitting of the new Speed Pot was straight forward enough, and a quick road test made sure it was functioning correctly. Mind you i had to make a new fascia plate to fit it into, which really i am glad about as i didn't like the fact that the original did not look good, so no loss there in my opinion.
I have told John that we need some excluder brushes, or a letter box brush draught excluder, these will be fitted either side of the the throttle lever, this will disguise the slot it comes up through.
All the Hemis are fitted too, as after looking in the wall cupboards i found the boxes of nuts and washers, we thought used up, i knew we had more some where, so thats another job jobbed.
The fixing bolts are also drilled in to the skirt and shoulders, washers super glued over the holes to prevent excessive wear on the wood, when disassembling or assembling, the bolts counter sunk with washers and nylocks to prevent them coming loose.
We have decided to take it out to Henham this week end and show it as we work on it, not that a lot will get done as i expect us to be run off our feet all week end.
So last thing tonight we loaded the Chair into Johns Trailer, as he is taking it home, he is going to start fillering the Shoulders in his garden tomorrow, well he may filler it, but i lay odds that Goff or Dale will be doing the Sanding.....well thats one job i haven't got to do. Less mess here to clear up too, trouble is now we have had to empty his trailer of the power scooters in it, so instead of making room in the main workshop, its now got four scooters in there, I'm sure something went wrong there ?
Still that now leaves me room to get another mold done, i have been waiting long enough to make a start on a new skirt mold.
16th Sep 2010, 12:58   comments (0)

Seething Airshow 12-09-2010

well thats the lot that i have the best of, hope you all enjoy them.
Henham steam rally this week end.
15th Sep 2010, 13:07   comments (0)

Seething Airshow 12-09-2010

More Display aircraft
15th Sep 2010, 12:55   comments (0)

Seething Airshow 12-09-2010

Some of the Displays on the day
15th Sep 2010, 12:37   comments (0)
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