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Welcome to my Moblog! I've had the little bastard for a while and am finally getting around to posting to it. I'm a 32-year old East Coast chick who's been deported to North Mexico (er...Los Angeles). I'll be sharing the sights I come across, since I can't share the smells or sounds. Enjoy!

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Kylie Ireland and Evan Stone ham it up on Playboy Radio.

(viewed 1162 times)
9th Jan 2006, 10:10   comments (1)

The only limp noodle in Kylie's life.

(viewed 752 times)
6th Jan 2006, 02:33   comments (2)

Hit the buffet now while Ron's working.

(viewed 583 times)
5th Jan 2006, 20:42   comments (2)

The fabulous Belladonna.

(viewed 776 times)
5th Jan 2006, 19:18   comments (10)

De firs eh-gratuitous chi-chi shot of 2006!

(viewed 740 times)
2nd Jan 2006, 06:06   comments (4)

The first chocolate of 2006 says HE! It's a sign.

(viewed 560 times)
2nd Jan 2006, 04:45   comments (0)

My roommate brings all the boys to the yard.

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31st Dec 2005, 09:14   comments (0)

Chumming the waters with magic To Atrack oil.

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31st Dec 2005, 07:38   comments (0)