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Welcome to my Moblog! I've had the little bastard for a while and am finally getting around to posting to it. I'm a 32-year old East Coast chick who's been deported to North Mexico (er...Los Angeles). I'll be sharing the sights I come across, since I can't share the smells or sounds. Enjoy!

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Me, at BOOTIE L.A., courtesy of Teece.

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7th May 2006, 23:45   comments (2)

Mohawk - side view

(viewed 1406 times)
23rd Apr 2006, 17:05   comments (2)

Gaze upon my new pink mohawk!

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23rd Apr 2006, 14:37   comments (6)

My new fuchsia mohawk!

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23rd Apr 2006, 14:09   comments (1)

For all of your Ball's beauty needs!

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Unfortunately, it's a bit tought o see, but this lovely sign says "Ball Beauty Supply" . I'll have to go back and get a better photo at some point. I simply couldn't resist. Talk about niche marketing! A beauty shop just for balls! (Okay, maybe not, but that's how it reads, dammit!)
25th Mar 2006, 22:33   comments (1)

One would hope they'd have thought about the wording on this sign before displaying it...

(viewed 1227 times)
Props to Last_Plane_Out for spotting this one and snapping it for me. Maybe we should get him his *own* Moblog, ay wot?
25th Mar 2006, 22:30   comments (0)

Hottest Waitress EVAR

(viewed 1981 times)
If you're in Hollywood and crave wings, go to the Hot Wings Cafe and keep your eyes peeled for this lovely here. Her name is Sarah, and not only is she beyond stacked (too bad you can't see her hot ass here) and totally beautiful, she's also really nice and a total wiseass. Our whole table was transfixed, to say the very least.
25th Mar 2006, 22:26   comments (2)

Chicken tender or chicken stiffy?

(viewed 1326 times)
21st Feb 2006, 06:17   comments (5)
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