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this is me, trying to put down my thoughts about everything and anything in the most sincere way possible, trying to find order in the chaos that is my life, trying to throw some mediocre-to-good pictures in along the way and trying to do it all in such a charming way that maybe someone actually finds pleasure in reading it all.

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minus 3 degrees

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every christmas eve i find myself taking my dog out for a walk. and for some strange reason i remember the outside temperature every time. today was minus 3. last year was over zero and the year before that minus 18. and there was snow.

24th Dec 2007, 18:41   comments (2)

a piece of pisa

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this was a beautiful day. i wasn't as keen to go as she was, but a soon as we were there i felt wonderful. i don't even know why but there was something about the city i really loved ... pisa is actually relatively small, but it has a university (whatever difference that might make) and a certain flair. a certain kind of romance :)

23rd Dec 2007, 20:49   comments (4)

me + you

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there's something curious about the way every person in this world spends his life searching for a person to hold on to and never let go.

something funny even. but also something sweet, something lovely, something sad and something overwhelming.

definitely something beautiful.

22nd Dec 2007, 14:30   comments (3)

communication disconnect

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or perhaps communication breakdown ...

... but then again ...

"don't let the silence get you down,
though you've been sitting here for hours.
hoping a voice could soon be found
that speaks much louder than these thoughts."
...much louder than this music.
don't let the talking keep you up,
if they're your friends they share your vision.

"you're a little off colour
and tired off the sound, don't let it get you down.
don't let all of this make you think
that just because you're young you're helpless."
close your eyes and listen
spread your arms and dive into this feeling.

"don't let it get you down."

for i'd rather be a pebble in an ocean vast
and drown alone, not knowing where i'll end up,
than be naive and believe that i'm an island,
and make no sound at all.

11th Dec 2007, 23:17   comments (8)


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in the comfort of fireflies ...

... im losing a friend ...

and if i had one wish fulfilled tonight
i'd ask for the sund to never rise
if God passed to the mike to me to speak
i'd say: "stay in bed world ...

... sleep in peace"

for once a post in which the picture, the text, my current particular thoughts and my general mood fit together wonderfully.

11th Dec 2007, 23:05   comments (3)

snow flakes blown away ...

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is twisting the colours of the picture cheating or artfully changing it for the better?

mein start war gestern wirklich stuermisch.

erst war ich sehr gut gelaunt

weil ich erst um 1 kommen musste, worueber sich natuerlich jeder freuen wuerde. ich habe grandios gefruehstueckt und war sogar joggen.

dann war ich ziemlich schlecht gelaunt

weil ich nach einer guten stunde dort gemerkt hab dass es mich total anscheisst, und es keinen spass macht. und dass ich ganz schnell wieder raus will!

dann war ich wieder echt gut gelaunt

weil ich die chefin zum thema weihnachten angesprochen hab und ganz unerwarteterweise erklaert bekam, dass ich januar voraussichtlich 2 wochen urlaubh bekomm, weil niemand gebucht hat. yay :)

dann war ich wieder relativ schlecht gelaunt

weil ich trotz allem (vor allem der tatsache dass ich keine 5 stunden da war) erst um ung. halb 6 heim kam.

und naja ...

seitdem gehts mit dem psycho-stress weiter. fuck!

wobei das ja erst gestern war. wenn ich heute schlafen geh hab ich wieder einiges bewaeltigt denke ich. hoffe ich. so hats sich zumindest gerade vorher angefuehlt als ich, wie schon so oft, das ganze durchgedacht habe. und in diesem gefuehl waelze ich mich gerade, aus purer angst dass es nicht anhaelt.
11th Dec 2007, 22:47   comments (0)

chocolat eclairs

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hey there

got lots to write
because lots of stuffs been going through my head lately.

i had quite a stormy start back in into work yesterday, with my mood changing about 4 times that day. unless you really really love your job i guess it's usually a bit of a drag getting back to work after a 4 week break.
it's been a bit stressy squeezing all the stuff i've got to get finished in behind work, which is rather frustrating, but yeah i'm not whining ... at least not alot.

although it clashes with the (lovely) fact that it's snowing outside right now and seeing as i'm actually getting into the christmasy feeling, these and the next few pictures are from tuscany, where i went with a good friend back in september. i wasn't exactly very happy with my last 3 pictures, so i'm trying to put some better ones in. and i think it's safe to say that (perhaps for the worse) my pictures have parted ways from my writing quite a while ago. so it's really nothing new.

a lot's changed since i started this thing months ago, but the one thing that hasn't is that i always wanted to put up pictures that i like, and that i think are more or less good, subjectively speaking. so yeah i guess i can say these are ones i'm a bit proud of.
well prouder than of a picture of spaghettis at least :)

tuscany was really relaxing, it was this sort of last-vacation-of-the-long-long-summer kind of getaway thing, "so let's catch some rays before they're all gone and enjoy the salt water and sand under our feet". i went there with a really good friend of mine. we were supposed to go as 4 friends altogether, but somehow we ended up just going the two of us, me and her.

me and her ... i could write half a novel about those 3 words.

but i'm getting sick of it.
so i won't.

um ...
you don't have to understand that last bit.

11th Dec 2007, 22:31   comments (2)

kate nash

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get cape
wear cape

who was really really good

funniest thing, the concert wa in this really small club and most of the crowd was female, and they were all about a head smaller than me. enabling me lovely perspective :)

my camera broke a few days before the show so i couldn't take any pictures.
which was kind of also the reason i didn't write for such a long time. so i'm really sorry about that. well ok i could have written, i did have some pictures, but i just didn't have the time. ok i did have time, but i used it differently. to put it simply, i had two weeks filled to the rim with new experiences and new people and only just enough time to do it all. so moblog had to wait.

das konzert war echt gut.
sie war etwas muede, aber nicht schlimm, sie hat wundervoll gesungen und noch besser gespielt. super setliste und die buehne war unglaublich: ueberall standen blumen und baeume und lichter und schwaene und es hat ausgeschaut wie ein wohnzimmer.

sie hat gesagt sie waere irgendwie nervoes.
stimm t das ... ?

dann hat mir die rosi gestern erzaehlt dass sie kate nash auch mag. haette ich mir eigentlich denken koennen, die rosi liebt gute saengerinnen.

anyway ... ich hab jetzt was zu tun.

9th Dec 2007, 15:09   comments (5)