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Champix is a prescription medication used to treat smoking addiction.

Side effects: ...less common side effects include headache, difficulty sleeping, and abnormal dreams.

It is these abnormal dreams I am documenting using the Moblog Spinvox service.

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"Morning. I think, the thing about Champix is that it definitely gives you very vivid dreams.

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"Morning. I think, the thing about Champix is that it definitely gives you very vivid dreams. Theyre really like clear and quite crisp and certainly weird.

Last night I dreamt that, well first I dreamt that my girlfriend had left me to go and become a conservative and then some how I'd been away for quite a while and well I came back to London and I wanted to go and find her and see how she wass doing and stuff and so I ended up finding her and tracking down, tracking her down somewhere in Surrey and, and then on my way there I saw Fran Heeley and from Travis and he was going up and he was like Alfie, Alfie how are you? You should come up and see me and, and my new band and I was like what you're not with Travis any more. He's like yeah I am but everyone's left. Neil's left and doing something kinda new.

So anyway I went up to go and see Jule and Jule gave me this really long elaborate kind of pitch to become a conservative and, and told me all about why and how great it was and everything and then I'd arranged to go and meet Fran at a Church where he was practicing and Jule came with me and it was so weird. It was in this church and there was a guy on the piano right at the back of the church. Fran was in the front of the church on the pulpit and the guy on the piano was playing you know the Charlie Brown theme song and Fran was singing this kind of weird I don't know like church kind of style music, gospelly stuff to this Charlie Brown beat and there were 5 male choir singers who were doing the, the choral parts but anyway it was really funny but I just felt really bad for the rest of the band like Neil and a few obviously perhaps he'd fired or something.

Anyway Jule totally fell in love with Fran Heeley and then they ran away together and then I was stuck in this church with these guys these choral singer and this guy playing the Charlie Brown music and I'd decided that they were actually much better musicians than that and then I said no let's try something different and then I took over Travis and then I took over the band and, and made them into something new and we got really famous again. Totally fucking bizarre."

- spoken through SpinVox

Another night of crazy dreams. It was weird actua

"Another night of crazy dreams. It was weird actually in the sense that because I was concentrating before and during the day and on, on the evening and on making sure that I tried to remember my dreams but I find that as I was dreaming I would come slightly away from the, what was happening and then and then say to myself like I'm dreaming and then kind of keep a mental note of that one and almost do it quick, summarise the dreaming that was happening and then just fall back into sleep but at any, in any way it was a weird feeling but the dreams themselves were, they started off really heavy I was, I was a woman and I was in the basement of a house and I was burying babies but I haven't ___ but I was burying babies which I had to bury because when I did it they would kind of ___ me with some magical powers and stuff and so I was doing that but at the same time I was very unhappy that I had to do it and I then I kind of got out of it. Most weirdest stuff like last night. I dreamed and dreams I had afterwards which I now don't remember very well. All revolved around, they all revolved around space. I'm still not sure if I I'm just having weird dreams because I'm kind of imagining that I should be but but we'll see. Anyway. Bye bye."
- spoken through SpinVox
7th Nov 2008, 08:20   comments (0)

This house which had like these different levels in it

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This house which had like these different levels in it. On the 1st level there was a swimming pool. Then on the 2nd level was where like the beach was and they were all connected but they were all quite different levels of difficulty. So I was like I was body boarding in the, one where where the pool was and I I went surfing in the one up above that but then there was like a kind of video game really and ultimately I had to, I had to win something so I could get this Faberge egg and then, it was basically like the whole house had a whole lot of different rooms and one of them was like an antiques market and I was wandering around the antiques market and I got lost and then I found a Faberge egg and then the security accused me of stealing the egg so I had to run away, and then I found myself in a shop like a comic shop and it said that there was a special offer and these 2 comics for £15 but the thing is I didn't want the other comic at all. That's all I remember.
- spoken through SpinVox

Quitting smoking with Champix

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Ed note: This is a repost from here, to provide a bit of background to my quitting using Champix and why I decided to set up a dream blog.

So I decided to quit smoking, but this time (I tried to quit when I hit 30), I decided I could use some assistance.

Champix 'reduces cravings for and decreases the pleasurable effects of cigarettes'. See, I like that idea. I very much like the idea that the physical cravings can be reduced because believe me when I say that those cravings can feel like a black hole opened in your belly as you watch your hand move to the cigarette pack as if of it's own volition. However, Champix has some seriously 21st century potential side effects:

"In November 2007, the FDA announced it had received post-marketing reports that patients using Chantix for smoking cessation had experienced several serious symptoms, including suicidal ideation and occasional suicidal behavior , erratic behavior, and drowsiness. On February 1, 2008 the FDA issued an
Alert to further clarify its findings, noting that "it appears increasingly likely that there is an association between Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms."

Wow. What a crazy drug. "Suicidal ideation"? I find myself rather worried now that the prescribing doctor had no idea that the drug had been linked not only to suicide, but also extreme aggression:

" the fourth quarter of 2007 varenicline accounted for more reports of serious side effects than any other drug. Suicidal acts and ideation, psychosis, and hostility or aggression, including homicidal ideation, were the most prominent psychiatric side effects."

HULK NEED CIGARETTES, HULK SMASH! These side effects must affect less than 1 person in 1,000 however, otherwise legally they'd have to include them in the side effects section in the packaging, which they have not.

My first nights sleep after starting the drug was really weird. I can't quite recall what the dreams were about, but they were certainly weirder than normal. It may be un-related, but in any event this moblog will serve as my document of the dreams I have whilst taking the drug.

Champix Dreams, the first site that needs an FDA warning