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The Answer

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Raven Black Hair. Lovely set of eyes over a lovelier set of lips.
The faintest hint of lingerie peeking through her blouse.
And she was looking at him.
"Dude. She's looking right at you."
"No she isn't." Brad's reply was quick.* Too quick*. Which meant he knew.
"She's cute."
"Er...Yes? I guess." Brad muttered.
"You guess?" I closed my eyes in frustration. "Get up and do something
about it. She's right across the road."
"Er?" Brad looked at the sky.
"You're a chicken." I said.
"No. I'm not. I'm just careful. She might be one of those sexy serial
"Chicken." I snapped.
He sighed in annoyance.
"Okay. Okay. I'll go meet her."
I watched his nervous gait as he walked across.

And that,* people*, is why the chicken crossed the road.
8th Aug 2008, 20:13   comments (3)