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Photos taken on my HTC Desire and Olympus E-1 mostly taken while walking my 10 year old rescued greyhound, Tim.

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Cloudy skies over a deserted Cardiff Arms Park.

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- Taken at 5:40 PM on June 12, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu

Another beautiful evening

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11th Jun 2009, 22:53   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

Good morning

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I'll just take my bedding with me ...
- Taken at 9:59 AM on June 11, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu
11th Jun 2009, 10:31   | tags:,,comments (2)

Old Harbour, Barry

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Taken just before the dog gave me heart failure :)
- Taken at 8:05 PM on June 10, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu

Dare devil dog

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Tim nearly gave me heart failure by walking along a wall inches from a 20 ft drop into the water. I didn't want to yell at him in case I startled him so I quickly took this photo instead. Amazed I could keep the phone still, though, my heart was thumping so much. Especially as a greyhound was killed recently falling off a wall near here.
- Taken at 8:08 PM on June 10, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu

Afternoon on the beach

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1) Nervously eyeing another dog
2) Bunny hop with tongue hanging out
3) Muddy splashes - the beach can get a bit muddy when the tide is very low.
4) I need my bed...
9th Jun 2009, 19:08   | tags:,,comments (6)

Rainy sunshine evening

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It was raining as we set off on our evening walk, but we had some sunshine too. The bottom shot was taken from of our bedroom windows just before setting out.
7th Jun 2009, 22:46   | tags:,,,comments (10)

Tim and girl friend

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This is Tim with Bonnie. And yes, she is taller than him. Although Tim is a big dog he's relatively small for a male greyhound.

On the first Sunday of every month members of Greyhound Welfare get together for a walk with the dogs. Tim is always excited to meet up with other greyhounds. By the way, if you follow the link to the Greyhound Welfare site you might recognise the dog in the header photograph.
- Taken at 3:31 PM on June 07, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu