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Photos taken on my HTC Desire and Olympus E-1 mostly taken while walking my 10 year old rescued greyhound, Tim.

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Church skyline

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Went to collect the family from what became known as the 'Bath and Wet
Showground'. Thankfully it wasn't wet today, though, and we didn't need a
tractor to tow the caravan off the field.

Just a short walk with the dog this evening and snapped this with the
cameraphone. (Shozu is playing up on my phone and keeps crashing so
emailing this instead.)
9th Aug 2009, 22:02   comments (5)

Man and dog

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A couple of cameraphone shots from our afternoon on the beach.
1) Sharing an icecream on the way back from the beach. It was a Turkish Delight icecream which was absolutely delicious. I nearly didn't share :)
2) Feet. That was taken before I stubbed my toe on a rock while walking through the water (it hurt at the time but no real damage done, thankfully). I have stripey feet from wearing sandals in the sun.
8th Aug 2009, 21:57   comments (5)

The chase

Lovely sunny day again today and Tim and I spent the afternoon on the beach.

And he got to play chase with another dog - this time a dog that wanted to be chased (at least I think he did) and no over protective owner yelling at me to grab hold of a sprinting greyhound.

1) Fun in the water
2) Eyeing each other up
3) Shall we dance?
4) The chase is on
5) Hot on your tail
6) Splash
7) Think you can outrun me, huh?
8) That was fun!

Tim doesn't do too badly for a dog that six years ago had such a horrifically broken foreleg that it was very close to having to be amputated.
8th Aug 2009, 17:58   comments (18)

Sunshine ;)

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Apparently last month was the second wettest July in Wales since records

So it's wonderful to see blue skies and sunshine at last. Perfect for a
late morning walk on the beach.
7th Aug 2009, 13:53   comments (8)


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Thought I'd try out video on my phone while we were on the beach today.
6th Aug 2009, 14:58   | tags:,,comments (6)

The sun is back :)

After all the dismal days we've had lately we finally had some sun today. And a spectacular sunset to go with it.

These are taken from my usual sunset vantage point looking towards Cardiff Airport. In fact, if you look very closely in the fourth shot you might just about be able to see a plane coming in to land, and you can also just about see the control tower if you squint enough.

crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea

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OK, no fishing boats, just the odd container ship going past, but couldn't resist using this quote.
Lovely evening after a dismal day.
4th Aug 2009, 22:56   comments (18)

My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

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Tim looking out over the Bristol Channel towards Somerset where TheOtherHalf and the children are staying for the week. Hope that glimmer of brightness in the distance means good weather going their way. (Sent this by Pixelpipe from my phone - it worked!)
3rd Aug 2009, 22:08   comments (7)