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Photos taken on my HTC Desire and Olympus E-1 mostly taken while walking my 10 year old rescued greyhound, Tim.

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Grace under the clouds

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Over the Old Harbour, Barry, from yesterday evening's walk.
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Back to the beach photos again...
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1) Breakfast in our room
2) We took a boat from Cardiff Bay to the city centre - this is the hotel from the boat. Our room was on the top floor.
3) Cardiff Castle - The Keep
4) Cardiff skyline from the top of the Keep
5) The outer wall of the castle is adorned with lots of different animals.
6) The clock tower in Cardiff Castle
7) The Keep
8) TOH on the battlements

We're home now. We had a great time, even if it was all too brief.

I had arranged the trip without telling TOH the details. She knew we were going somewhere, but she didn't know where or when. I told her on Wednesday that we were going away Thursday night.

We set out yesterday lunchtime. First stop Pizzahut for lunch. Just to keep her guessing about where we were going.

Then to a five star hotel in Cardiff Bay where we had use of the spa with swimming pool, hydrotherapy pools and sauna. Our room was on the seventh floor overlooking Cardiff Bay. I'd arranged for a bottle of champagne to be in our room on arrival. If you're going to arrange a 'surprise' anniversary jaunt may as well do it right, eh?

So, after spending some time doing what couples normally do in hotel rooms (ahem) we ventured down to the spa. The hotel provide bathrobes and it was quite a weird experience going from our seventh floor room to the spa in the basement wearing our bathrobes. The hotel provide a special lift for this purpose and it was reassuring to see that other people were doing the same.

After trying out all of the spa facilities we spent some more time in our room (ahem). I'd booked a table in a fairly exclusive restaurant nearby, and then it was back to the hotel for cocktails.

Sunday morning we had breakfast in our room overlooking a sun-drenched Cardiff Bay. I'd booked TOH in for a back and shoulder massage, while I went back in the spa (had it to myself most of the time).

For the afternoon we took a boat to Cardiff Castle and played at being tourists and went round Cardiff Castle. We've been there before, but not for several years. It's well worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

And then finally home and back to reality.

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(pre) Anniversary celebration

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So for our 25th anniversary (which is actually next week) I arranged an
overnight stay in a five star hotel in Cardiff Bay. Our room is on the
seventh floor overlooking the bay. The hotel has a spa which we used this
afternoon and tomorrow morning TOH will have a massage.

1) Champagne and chocolates.
2) The view from our balcony.
3) On the outside looking in.
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More Pembrokeshire

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On Monday we had a drive round Pembrokeshire revisiting some old haunts. We spent our honeymoon here, 25 years ago next week. In fact we spent some of it walking the coastal path from Fishguard to St Davids.

We ended up at Newgale beach as Son was anxious to get in another surfing session, despite the weather.

1) TOH near the site of Fishguard Fort, overlooking the harbour.
2) Porthgain - the large brick buildings were for storing stone which was exported.
3) Tim exploring Porthgain
4) Tim saying hurry up and shut that boot, it's freezing here!
5) TOH thought I was mad venturing into the sea, but the waves were worth it.

Tomorrow TOH go off on a little adventure on our own. She doesn't know where yet - it's a little (pre)anniversary surprise.

Edit: apparently we missed a lot of excitement in Barry over the weekend. A 30ft long Minkey whale washed up on the rocks of Cold Knap Point, where I often walk Tim, and 'thousands' of people came to see it.
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Sun and moon

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The first shot is our caravan site this morning - the nearest glimpse we
had of the sun all weekend.

Second shot is back at home in Barry taking the dog for a walk on his home
turf this evening, the moon over The Old Harbour.

Only had the energy for a short walk. This going away business is
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