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Photos taken on my HTC Desire and Olympus E-1 mostly taken while walking my 10 year old rescued greyhound, Tim.

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Snowmen and random snow shots

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1) A grassy snow couple
2) Seaside snowman
3) Frozen boating lake
4) Take a (cold) seat
6th Jan 2010, 20:39   | tags:,,comments (1)


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Photos taken today on Cold Knap, Barry, a large pebble beach.

The fourth shot is a sculpture by Glyn Pooley. The blurb about it is in the fifth shot - hope it's legible.

Frolicking in the snow

Maybe Tim has decided that this cold wet white stuff isn't so bad after all.
The last shot was taken at almost exactly the same place as one of the shots from yesterday. Amazing how things can change in a day.
6th Jan 2010, 17:11   | tags:,,comments (3)


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Taken just before Tim attacked the swans. As far as he's concerned if they're on land they're fair game. Should have seen it coming, I guess. He's such a mild mannered dog most of the time, but he was pretty close to getting one of the swans by the neck. If it hadn't made for the safety of the water it might have been in trouble. I wish I'd kept shooting but I was too busy yelling at him.
6th Jan 2010, 16:21   | tags:,,comments (5)

We finally have some snow

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Living close to the sea we rarely get much snow. Sometimes it seems that the whole world has snow and we don't. We did have a tiny amount of snow a little while ago but it didn't last long.

So it was something of a surprise when I let Tim out in the garden just now to be greeted with this. He didn't stay out long enough for me to take a photo of him. He doesn't think much of this cold wet stuff.
6th Jan 2010, 00:27   | tags:,comments (4)

Park and beach

Random selection of photos taken today, top two in the park this morning, the rest on the beach this afternoon.
5th Jan 2010, 21:34   | tags:,,,comments (5)


We're not sure exactly what date Tim was born, but we think it was around 2 January so that would make him 10 years old now.

2 January was also the anniversary of Tim coming to us 8 years ago. I couldn't post this yesterday as I had to take Son to Scotland.

I got back from Scotland this morning, just in time to take Tim on another greyhound gathering (4th shot) - we usually get together with other greyhound owners on the first Sunday of every month.

Tim also had a close encounter with some geese. Wisdom obviously doesn't come with age in his case. He stuck his nose through the fence and got a peck from an indignant goose for his trouble. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to catch that on camera (I was too busy pulling him away) but I did take a quick pic of the geese.

And if I sound incoherent it's because I've been up since 4.00am...
3rd Jan 2010, 19:00   | tags:,comments (4)

Ospreys v Blues

My Christmas present from Son was a ticket to see the Ospreys v Cardiff Blues rugby match today.

The match was played in a blizzard and our team (the Blues) lost badly. Oh well, it was an interesting evening. Thought we might have trouble getting home, but it wasn't too bad in the end.
1st Jan 2010, 23:40   | tags:,,comments (4)