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hi, i'm camila, i'm a student at leeds college of art. this is where i post work from my course (foundation diploma in art and design, it's intense). next year i'm doing a degree in illustration but i don't know where yet. thanks for looking!

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the end!

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that's it from my foundation year.
i've started up a new blog though, find me at
from now on.
thanks for looking everyone
6th Jul 2009, 11:52   comments (2)

Doll and book

double sided doll with explanatory book about the highs and lows of falling in love.
i've never really sewn before so i was pretty happy with this. my mum did help a lot but i did almost all the making. hand embroidered face, fingernails and chest detail.
6th Jul 2009, 11:41   comments (0)

Caravan detail

(viewed 1031 times)
little tiny posable double sided versions of me, joe and ashley
6th Jul 2009, 09:48   comments (4)

shoebox caravan

lots of pictures!
the lid has description of the memory, basically a happy evening spent in my friend joe's caravan at the end of his garden one summer night, talking til the early hours.
6th Jul 2009, 01:26   comments (0)

dizzy dollies box

(viewed 994 times)
shoebox with handpainted spinning tops. that grass writing took me about two hours x_x
5th Jul 2009, 23:51   comments (0)

tiny wrestlers box

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a slide box containing a little book explaining how i used to give wrestlers to my friends and what they did whith them.
then a flickbook illustrating how one of my friends brought his to life by making him fly. i need to make some kind of .gif of the flickbook in action... the wrestler's cloak flutters in the breeze.
5th Jul 2009, 23:33   comments (0)

eccup box

(viewed 820 times)
an accordion book type thing i made illustrating a memory of a trip to eccup reservoir with friends.
5th Jul 2009, 02:07   comments (0)

box doll

(viewed 805 times)
"on hot days i'd go into town to read by the canal"
try it, it's relaxing.
5th Jul 2009, 01:57   comments (0)
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