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Hi this is Sally. I handled the press...

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"Hi this is Sally. I handled the press side of things on the walk. The walk ended yesterday in Durham at Chester-le-Street where Ian ended his professional cricketing career.

The walk has been a fantastic success raising over £260,000 over the 9 days alone. When company sponsorship and day sponsorship is added, the total raise promises to be well over a £500,000 which is just amazing.

The end of the walk yesterday was celebrated with a crew dinner in the evening and everybody finally started to relax. It really has been quite a challenge getting through the 9 days! It felt emotional this Sunday morning, when the crew went their separate ways, but we all know we have helped Beefy raise vital funding for research which will help find better treatments and cures for childhood leukaemia.

Along the way we've all been charmed by the brave children currently being treated for this terrible disease but who've come along in wind and rain and paddled in puddles, their little shaved heads showing so clearly that they're suffering. They came along and met us with their parents and Ian's met them and taken the time to really show people he cares. We've also met parents walking in in memory of children they have lost.

A big thanks to Sir Ian Botham for walking again, for help ensure all children survive this terrible disease in future."

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Hi, my name is Nick Turner. I'm no. 2...

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"Hi, my name is Nick Turner. I'm no. 2 on the Ian Botham walk, today was day 8 in Milngavie.

We had bagpipes at the start at the M&S; store, a marvellous send off. They raised £5,000 for us. We walked 9 miles in great weather and headed towards Mu(d)gdock Park, Mud we learnt stands for mud! The rain came down for 5miles, it really did tip it down but the walk was good, we're in good spirits, today's running total now stands at £235,000.

We arrive tonight in Newcastle ready for the final day of the walk tomorrow."

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Hi, my name is Gazza and I'm walking with Beefy...

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"Hi, my name is Gazza and I'm walking with Beefy on his latest walk for Leukaemia Research.

Today was day 7 and we began in sunshine at Harrogate, North Yorkshire at about 10:00am. The weather was kind to us all morning. The sun shone and we made our way towards the Fountain's Abbey.

Mike Walters from the Daily Mirror, Dave the Bet and myself to ease a bit of pain from the blisters decided to name the greatest ever England football team of all time and we'll put this team up on the website at the end of the walk.

As we got into the Fountain's Abbey we were amazed at the grounds. There was lots of deer, looked a little bit surprised as we made our way in with Ian and his crew. We were followed in by over a hundred sponsors who had raised a lot of money to join us on the walk.

Beefy is in great form!

The collection's are through the roof and we've got 2 days to go."

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Hi, this is Nick Turner reporting on day 6...

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"Hi, this is Nick Turner reporting on day 6 of the Sir Ian Botham walk for Leukaemia Research.

It's been a successful day in Llandudno. Currently, the amount we raised so far is just reached over £185,000.

I am second in command to the legendary Rooster Robberts. Doing a bit of physio work on the walkers, with this and various injuries. We've just about covered 90 miles over the past 6 days. It's been thoroughly enjoyable but a lot of hard work.

We've got so much support from the public. Everything's going great and we're looking forward to the next 3 days."

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Day 5 ....

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"Day 5 on the seemingly never ending Ian Botham walk for Leukaemia Research and as he strolled into the home of Shakespeare, Stratford Upon Avon, the question was very much to walk or not to walk?

Happily around a 100 good citizens of Stratford joined us in Charlecote Gardens. Raising the fantastic sum of another £31,000.

However before that, we strolled through every hamlet collecting from every generous person of the public of Stratford. We filled our buckets with the english notes and coins.

So Ian lost his his usual pound of flesh as he set a thundering pace throughout the town. Just before him was Britain's finest ever Olympic champion Daley Thomson, who marched like a modern day Othello accepting everything except the poison chalice. As we neared the finish a cry went up, Is that a blister I see before me! Alas poor toenail, I knew him well.

Tomorrow we rise again at dawn and we will march for victory."

Botham Walk participant.

- spoken through SpinVox

Hi this is Dave, I'm one of the walkers....

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"Hi this is Dave, I'm one of the walkers on Ian Botham's latest walk and today we walked through Bury St Edmunds. We had a great time. We had lots and lots of schools come over to meet us, all waving and cheering throwing their money in the buckets. The public have been superb as usual.

We walked around the town, we did a bit of countryside and we made our way over to Ickworth House, a fantastic park where we were joined by about another hundred walkers or so. They in turn raised over £20,000 between them just for coming on a walk for 4 miles with Sir Ian Botham.

We all finished, all a bit weary, all a bit worn out. A little bit dirty from the mud but another day over."

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Hi, it's Sarah Botham here.

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"Hi, it's Sarah Botham here. It's day 3 of the Ian Botham Charity walk for Leukaemia Research. We've been walking in Tunbridge Wells today. It is very hot and very hard up and down those hills. Raised lots of money, great public response yet again and luckily we have the full back up crew with us. My grandma Jan, she says the hardest is the mobile home and which is refreshments every 4.5mi. We have the 2 support vehicles in front of us and behind us which helps with the traffic and as well as the police which have been fantastic on the walk as well. When we finished today we came over to Bury St Edmunds for tomorrow day working with a helicopter bringing Dad, Ian and the boys have got a few injuries at the moment, that's fine likely but the other boys with a few injuries.

Richard the pilot brought them over which is fantastic and it gets them better quickly for tomorrow.

So we'll fill you in on tomorrow, what the, happens with what happened today. Bye bye."

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Hi this is George. Botham walk manager...

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"Hi this is George, Botham Walk manager.

Just for reporting in after day 2 of this year's walk. Fantastic day, we were in Windsor today. The weather was absolutely incredible. Beefy set another good pace. Very very hot day. Struggling to keep up but we got there in the end. Covered about another 15 miles today. Fantastic views back towards Windsor Castle and ended back at the Castle.

Joined today by Gabby and Kenny Logan and Mark Austin. We're also sponsored by 'Doosport' which is Kenny and Gabby's company and Ladbrooks.

Off to Tunbridge Wells tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will continue to be as good.

So yeah. Looking forward to tomorrow."

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