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Little blog where I take photos on my little phone in my daily life and post them =)

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The mass pigeons Lili, Mel and I came across today at lunch
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2nd Jun 2009, 08:10   comments (1)

To do - bix remodelling

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BoA is my favourite singer lately. I think its mostly because of 'Eien'
(gorgeous song - go youtube it) but she's also kind of inspiring.
I've learnt some things over the last week. One of those things is that
I have a lot more potential that I give myself credit for. I usually
indulge in self-depracating behaviour, but no more.
Here's what im going to achieve before the year is out:
- grow out my damn thumbnail. Its such a taint on my otherwise nice
- lose 10-15 kilos. I hate how fat I feel. Im going to put mp4 videos of
Nami Uehara's 'Real Me' music video and BoA's 'My Name' on my ipod so
whenever I want junk food ill watch them and remind myself that I want
to be like that.
- start exercising again. I have no excuse for stopping it, and im
rather ashamed that I did. Be it the gym or home exercise, I have to do
it. Need to find a gym buddy rofl. Ill start walking home from uni more
- dye my hair the orange colour BoA has in her 'Milky Way' mv again. It
looked cool when I had it before.
- go to the damn doctor and get meds for some problems I have. I also
need to get back on the pill.
- get a job - though this might not happen because of the recession, but
I have to try.
- visit clarie in melbourne at the end of the year =)

Well, lets see how I go. I bought some really gorgeous makeup brushes
today. Can't wait to try them out =) I need to get a good foundation and
blush and then im all set. =D
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1st Jun 2009, 18:09   comments (0)


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I always feel so poetic; I write with almost infallable grammar and
lucid ideas. Sometimes I go on great journeys and tangents in my mind
that lead to what I deem to be epiphanies.
I won't pretend I don't care about anything in this world - to say you
don't care is to dismiss something entirely and, I think, that is a
hefty thing to do.
When you say "I don't care what he/she thinks" - especially when it is
someone you know, befriended and trusted, it is a nasty statement.
Being apathetic holds the same weight and negativity as being outright
malicious, if not more.
I refuse to let myself say things like this.
I refuse to 'not care' about anything.
I still care about friends I've lost, friends who are long gone.
I still care about my mother who hates me and hits me.
I still care about people, no matter how much my selfishness overrides
my abilities to show it.
There is nothing more hurtful than making someone feel as if they don't
matter anymore.
Im going to try to care more.
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1st Jun 2009, 07:02   comments (0)

Millions Paws Walk

We went to the rspca million paws walk today XD mel took charlie and
because I don't have a dog, kirsty lent me micro (one of her japanese
spitzes). Here's some pics of micro, haku, charlie and some other dogs
we met while doing the 2km walk and getting drenched XD
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17th May 2009, 03:44   comments (1)

My new nephew

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Id put a clearer pic but my sister is paranoid about the internets. He's
so cute I just hafta show him around :3 my second nephew Kai Benjamin
John Willsmore XD
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15th May 2009, 11:59   comments (0)

A harp!

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Today kate did her presentation on medieval music. It was so amazing!
Not that I know a lot about harps, but I thought she was really good.
Felicity and I have to present next week; its going to be so hard to
follow up!
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12th May 2009, 09:35   comments (1)


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This is my street amidst winter.

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6th May 2009, 11:42   comments (0)

Rundle street @ night

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The rundle lantern is really cool. People diss it for whatever reason,
get over it. Its nice.
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5th May 2009, 09:39   comments (1)