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Little blog where I take photos on my little phone in my daily life and post them =)

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Last Exam Tomorrow!

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I say, as I furiously try to finish reading this book. Its just so hard
to read things written in middle british. Takes me twice as long because
I end up reading the translations notes also.

Hypothetically speaking, say a friend ignores you for what you think is
a really minor thing. You leave it alone because you aren't that fussed
either way. Said friend starts harassing another friend demanding that
this person explains the reason for ending their friendship.
Isn't that person acting a tad hypocritical? Its a case of practice what
you preach, isn't it. One shouldn't demand explanations from others when
one refuses to provide them themselves.

Just a random musing, no relevance to anything, really. Gotta get back
to this book!
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22nd Jun 2009, 12:57   comments (2)

Exams Day 1

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This is where we have our dreaded exams. I just finished one. I think I
did ok. Stuffed up a little on one question in part a, but other than
that, it was all fine.
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20th Jun 2009, 07:08   comments (0)

Asian music on ps3's Vidzone!

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What an amazing discovery. I can totally watch sexy leehom vids on my
ps3 through their premier music video service! Its weird that they have
jolin, leehom and other but not jay chou? Maybe he's hiding
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18th Jun 2009, 05:59   comments (0)

Im slacking off

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I love that I can stream videos through the ps3. Cut out a lot of
fiddling around with my laptop and cords.
There's kira and athrun having an arguement on the tv there lol.
Also a picture of Charlie and his little dog friend when mel and I took
him walking the other night :3
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17th Jun 2009, 08:05   comments (0)

Lunch with mel on thursday

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Bit belated oops lol. All this for around $9.50. Even the salmon onigiri
was included!
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13th Jun 2009, 07:17   comments (1)

Hannahs 21st

Tonight was hannahs 21st which was fun. Got to catch up with lili
darling and hannah again. Got lilis 22nd next week, and im meeting my
dad tomorrow (nervous)
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6th Jun 2009, 14:50   comments (1)

Today is fun

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Spent the day hanging with linda. Even though I skipped my tute lol. Im
a bad student. Anyway im heading home early because I have a really hot
flush and a headache and nausea. Had the same thing pretty much every
day this week and NO Im not pregnant.
Anyway, we had crepes for lunch and there's a photo of linda wearing a
giant mario hat rofl.
I took some makeup/fashion photos but those are for my other blog =)
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4th Jun 2009, 07:21   comments (0)

So not a morning person

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I hate getting up. And because of that, I may have just failed a class
because I missed too many tutorials.
I probably look like 17 in this photo lol oh well, I just woke up.
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4th Jun 2009, 03:32   comments (1)
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