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Cool toilets, unusual crappers and groovy things you encounter in the smallest room..

(please, no pics of your 'great achievements' in there!)

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Remember to lift the seat up

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The bog at work.

Sent From a Mobile Work Base in the Artic Circle

posted by |thedude|

8th Jul 2004, 00:15   comments (0)


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This was on the toilet of a us airways boeing 767. After it had landed, of =

posted by teflon

14th Jun 2004, 18:45   comments (0)


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posted by josh

23rd May 2004, 12:33   comments (0)

varsity, derby

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posted by ideolocator

13th May 2004, 09:05   comments (2)

"Please do not use this sink."

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Well, I can't really, because someone's cable-tied a big yellow crate
to it.

posted by teflon

7th May 2004, 11:57   comments (1)

brel, glasgow

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posted by teflon

28th Apr 2004, 00:36   comments (0)

Trap 1

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Note the strategically placed wank-fodder :-)

posted by snaprails

8th Apr 2004, 18:17   comments (0)

Take 5, Norwich

(viewed 1470 times)

posted by teflon

6th Apr 2004, 15:14   comments (1)