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Snapping turtle

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found this little fella crossing the road
24th Aug 2009, 18:43   | tags:,comments (0)

Matchbox spider

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a crab spider living in a forgotten matchbox rather than a flower. The black thing is a victim, a flipping big dead ant


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50c or Free
20th Aug 2009, 19:21   | tags:comments (0)

Sleepy bat

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a bat clinging to crack in my friends' workshop. Much easier to photograph when they're not flying. Near Cowshit Corner, Maine
16th Aug 2009, 21:22   | tags:comments (2)

More alewives

Alewives at Damariscotta Mills again along with some the things trying to eat them: largemouth bass, gulls, and cormorants. And a swallow.
30th May 2009, 23:54   | tags:,comments (4)

Alewives "running"

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These fish spend most of their lives at sea and return to rivers to spawn. In Maine populations have suffered since the extensive damming of rivers for power of the last couple o' hundred years. At Damariscotta (the river of little fish) there is an old "fish ladder" which allows the fish to make it past the dam. It is part way through extensive renovation (see

Anyway, I popped up there this afternoon to see a friend and we took a look. Wrong lens/bit dark and raining mean some rubbish pics but you can see the fish at least. Loads of birds: hundreds of herring gulls and a swarm of osprey.

Painted turtles enjoying the sunshine

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American kestrel

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