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so it begins

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22nd Oct 2005, 19:22   comments (3)

drunk in my mother in laws glasses...

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22nd Oct 2005, 04:34   comments (3)

so now i work in a hospital...opening cans and calling it cooking.

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18th Oct 2005, 02:21   comments (8)

an entire case of toilet paper was used....they left 2 full packages which was nice as we were running low...

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7th Oct 2005, 11:03   comments (11)

shavingcream art

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7th Oct 2005, 11:02   comments (5)

then we got hit a second time...about 4am...just woke up for the end of it

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7th Oct 2005, 11:02   comments (8)

the kids got our house...its homecoming this week, and my wife is a teacher....and an easy target...

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the best part is where they were doing their mild-vandalism just so
happens to be thor's pooping ground....
so i garauntee they've brought a  little present home with them....
i caught them in the act and i think the flashes scared them good....
however the glare off the window  made it so i didnt get any photos...too bad really
7th Oct 2005, 03:31   comments (0)

my birthday dinner...

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And on that day there was much eating of pork, and licking of
fingers....and it was good .
2nd Oct 2005, 02:14   comments (2)