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what evil human gene munipulator is responsible for this abomination..however cute it is...?

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19th Mar 2006, 14:01   comments (22)

it's that day in March again..

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the people i work with found it odd that i was taking a picture of this bulletin board thing...evidently they just aren't cynical enough to see whats wrong with making a statement like this in a nursing home...a place that drains the pockets of the old and desperate....or their families if the medicare runs out...

as for the corn beef hash, this is the extent of the celebration here at the nursing home...though funnily enough the irish catholic types who would traditionally be celebrating this day will be eating salmon loaf due to lent.................ewww.
17th Mar 2006, 02:21   comments (2)


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17th Mar 2006, 02:18   comments (0)

those blurry figures on stage

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  were really fun to see in concert..
though i realize that i have been to pitifully few concerts of any sort
due to my geographical isolation...
it was one of the coolest aural experiences of my life..
the shitty thing was that, the last few times ive been to the club this
concert was at they patted us down and wouldnt allow cameras or
recording devices of any sort in...
so we didn't even try to bring in anything but our phones...since we
didnt feel like walking back to our parked car to store our cameras...
we get there, and we walk right in...
i could have brought anything in there..
so sadly i didn't get much for pictures...
would have liked to have some sort of binaural digital audio recorder
along too...something with a level the concert was as loud
as any music ive heard.
no regrets though, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly...
12th Mar 2006, 05:18   comments (0)

what i did last night

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12th Mar 2006, 05:09   comments (0)

must be spring

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the birds are working on their nest...
9th Mar 2006, 17:05   comments (0)


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5th Mar 2006, 22:37   comments (5)


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5th Mar 2006, 03:36   comments (0)