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would it be cliche to fry them?

7th Oct 2004, 22:23   comments (0)


7th Oct 2004, 16:47   comments (0)

Something ive learned in the last 4 years...

There IS a difference between democrats and republicans..and it does matter who you vote for..(i voted for nader in 2000)(and i dont regret it as minnesota's 10 electoral votes went to gore easily)i just know better now.
7th Oct 2004, 04:43   comments (1)


6th Oct 2004, 18:16   comments (2)

A good time to be an american interested in politics..but.

i'm only one vote
6th Oct 2004, 04:00   comments (1)

Just got the dvd

Though i didnt particularily like the movie's propoganda like nature.
6th Oct 2004, 03:27   comments (0)

These debaters are much better speakers..

Hes definitely the cuter candidate
6th Oct 2004, 03:00   comments (0)

i don't believe a word he says

I didn't want them to invade other countries, but I must say I had hope that things would work out the way they said they would...not much hope mind you.
But alas nothing has worked out the way they said they would.
And in fact almost everything they've said was a lie..
So no matter how many times Dick says things that doesn't matter.
because he's a lying corrupt dink who shouldn't be trusted.
I don't believe a word he says....
6th Oct 2004, 02:27   comments (0)