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The reduction in rubbish collections has caused public outrage in Britain. Over 150 councils are switching from weekly to fortnightly refuse collections. Will this improve recycling rates as the government has claimed or will it result in mounting piles of rubbish, putting our health at risk?

Binwatch wants to see your bins! Are they overflowing with rubbish? Attracting local vermin? Or perhaps the new system is resulting in a greener approach to your rubbish disposal.

Send us your bin stories, photos and videos - good or bad!

’Dispatches: Bin Wars’ is on Channel 4 on Mon 24th May at 9pm

Posting to this moblog is simple, simply send an MMS containing an image or video to 07725202020 with your message and the word bin at the start of the message, then more info about your bin such as where it is located in the UK, how smelly is it, etc. Alternatively you can email your Bin pictures or video to:
and they will appear here.

You can also add detailed info about your bin by posting user comments below your picture.


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Snowfall stops collection for weeks

(viewed 1736 times)
Made a little video about my experience

My Totally Rubbish Video Diary:
9th Feb 2009, 00:05   | tags:comments (0)

My Totally Rubbish Video Diary

(viewed 1465 times)
9th Feb 2009, 00:05   comments (0)

Neighbours rubbish

(viewed 5017 times)
Since my neighbours had an extension built, they have decided to use the
area between my house and theirs as a tip thus preventing any clutter
being visiable to themselves. Not only are their bins overflowing, but I
am subjected to excess packaging, old rabbit hutches, bikes and piles of
bricks. These are the views from my front door and driveway. The rubbish
has increased since these were taken.I have written to them and invited
them round to show them what I have to look at each day, however the
situation became so intolerable that I have paid ?950 to have a 6' fence
errected between the two houses. I thought this would rectify the
problem, but instead they have piled up more and more rubbish so it is
now visible even with the fence. The smell at my front door is
unbearable so I am dreading the summer months when I shall be unable to
open my windows. I too phoned Environmental Health, who stated that as
long as the rubbish was on their land there was nothing they could do
about it. We have weekly collections, so what is going to happen when
our local council decides on a fortnightly collection service?

8th Oct 2007, 22:02   comments (3)

Look at my bins!

(viewed 2312 times)
Commerce street Aberdeen.

posted by goode

15th Aug 2007, 21:19   comments (0)


(viewed 2287 times)
Shame our council still doesn't collect cardboard and plastic. But Garden
waste glass and tins is a start!

posted by Essitam

8th Jun 2007, 21:35   comments (1)


(viewed 2213 times)
Why do the statistics never show what increases are made to recyclable
materials collected at the same time as introducing Alternate weekly Waste
Collections (AWC)? Also could it be that little details such as giving
three quarters of the population a recycling bin when previously only a
quarter had them, skew the results because recycling would have increased
dramatically without AWC?
5th Jun 2007, 14:34   comments (0)

Just lovely!

(viewed 2117 times)
Right outside my flat, defeats the purpose of having a bin really!

posted by goode
2nd Jun 2007, 14:44   comments (0)


(viewed 2245 times)
I wonder if any of you can beat Amber Valley in Derbyshire�s recycling
scheme for stupidity? We have a normal domestic bin, a Yellow box for
glass, an Orange box for cans and foil, a Blue bag for Paper and finally
an Orange bag for cardboard! We do not recycle plastic as it is bulky
and they do not get much money per tonne yet we are still expected to
have a fortnightly collection. I do not know who thought of this system
for recycling but it doesn�t work; we need the domestic bin, recycling
bin and box for glass as most other councils have opted for if people
are ever going to be serious about recycling.
26th May 2007, 11:25   comments (1)
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