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ploughing the arable farmland
of the sub-ether

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botanicus maximus IV

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11th Jun 2008, 09:58   | tags:,,,comments (0)

sat, sun, sea, sand...

9th Jun 2008, 00:31   | tags:,,,,comments (11)

*** solarize ***

::: pinhole heaven :::

holga multi x

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a final trio of holga pics, this time on the theme of multiple exposures.

I've put together a wee flickr page to display my holgagraphic efforts:
I'm keeping it updated fairly regularly so please add me as a contact if you're also on flickr!

holga cumbria

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apologies... really shouldn't be turning my moblog into a "holgablog" but I just couldn't resist posting these cool pics from my easter weekend in cumbria.
31st Mar 2008, 11:33   | tags:,,comments (13)

holga skaters

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pictures courtesy of holga, my cheap plastic baby...

life through a pinhole

my better and more graceful half bought me a pinhole camera kit as a valentine's day present. I guess she reasoned that any item which embraces my enthusiasm for the frozen image but more crucially brings out my inner boy-child would inevitably find its way into my heart. of course she was right. I had been talking about pinhole cameras recently but hadn't realised I'd been 'dropping hints.'

when I set about constructing the pinhole camera I did so with all the reckless abandon of the inner boy-child the gift was intended to invoke. paying no attention to the instructions I popped out all the little cardboard pieces from the backing sheet without any regard for how they would ultimately fit together. then I neatly folded the pieces and meticulously bosticked them (and my fingers) together.

it was the process of making the camera that was the real fun part, so much so that I spent an entire week of sitting on the floor labouring with the cardboard tidbits before completion. that's not to say I stayed up all day and night working on the thing, I just did a little bit each evening, folding and sticking and pressing, leaving to dry and then leaving for the next evening... and the next... and the next...

ultimately I was a little sad to complete the pinhole camera. those inner-boy-like thoughts of 'I can't wait until I've finished this cool thing' gave way to 'oh. it's finished. now what else have I got to look forward to?' would it really be so long before the inner boy-child could come out to play with another cardboard construction kit? as some wise bloke once said, 'the art of travelling is to never arrive.'

* now I'm going to take some pinhole pictures, oh I can't wait...