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ploughing the arable farmland
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edinburgh life in sepia

9th Sep 2008, 10:40   | tags:,,comments (14)

kingdom of the blind: monocular perspective

I (heart) rock

it bloody rocks.

The Dynamics Of Motion And Depth In Blue

(viewed 1983 times)
if only the italian futurists had listened to kind of blue by miles davis, they might have been making pictures like this... but hopefully with less unwieldy titles.

beach triptych

(viewed 1779 times)
25th Aug 2008, 10:27   | tags:,,comments (11)

other nice places in europe I visited this summer...

in no particular order:

1 gent

2 ojcow (oy - tsoof)

3 brussels

4 newcastle (no, really)

5 and, erm...

dreaming of you, odessa...

the opera house in odessa (pic 3) is sublime but for me the most attractive building in the city is the one in the first pic. call it faded beauty or trashed glamour, whatever, but I just couldn't stop gawping at it and unfortunately my photo doesn't do it much justice. you had to be there.

that's the end of my holiday pics. thanx for watching :)

pinhole odessa

pssst... want to know the best way to mash up a glorious european city without causing any actual physical damage?

subject it to the destructive power of your home made cardboard camera, that's how!
14th Aug 2008, 18:56   | tags:,,comments (23)