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New Dawsons

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11th May 2013, 17:40   comments (8)

Wee pinny

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16th Mar 2013, 18:25   comments (1)

I am the master

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Here I am having graduated from my Masters course with a distinction in Sequential Design/Illustration! And here I am again auditioning for Scottish Widows. Mum says she is proud of me for rebelling against the norm and not hiring a gown to receive my award but for the sake of a good photo opportunity my friend Judith very kindly leant me the garb. Thanks to Woodrow Phoenix for his great photographic skills.
11th Feb 2013, 15:33   comments (13)


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8th Feb 2013, 09:59   comments (69)

Got yellow curtains

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9th Dec 2012, 14:18   comments (3)


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31st Oct 2012, 19:47   comments (5)

Tiny hinges

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In progress amillary locket to hold a gold sovereign coin
30th Oct 2012, 18:08   comments (1)

Raven coughs up a rock

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Winnet was about to burst into tears when she felt a light pecking at
her shoulder. It was Abednego, the raven she loved. He hopped beside
her ear

"You won't lose your power you know you'll use it differently, that's all."

"How do you know?" Winnet sniffed.

"Sorcerors can't take
their gifts back, it says so in the book."

"And what if I stay?"

"You will find yourself destroyed by grief. All you know will be around
you, and at the same time far from you. Better to find a new place

Winnet thought about this, while the raven balanced patiently on
her shoulder.

"Will you come with me?"

"I can't, I'm bound here, but take this."

The raven flew down and, as far as Winnet could see, started vomiting on the flags. Then he rearranged his feathers, and dropped a rough brown pebble into her hand.

"Thank you" said Winnet "What is it?"

"It's my heart."

"But it's made of stone."

"I know." the raven replied sadly.

"You see I chose to stay, oh a long time ago, and my heart grew thick with sorrow, and finally set. It will remind you."

-- Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

There is more story to this raven which I'll post on my website soon. He was made for a friend of Helen's and Helen made a special box for him which I hope she will post..
16th Oct 2012, 17:26   comments (10)