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Hehehehe... let's see how this one does it...

Ketahuilah akan dikau bahawasanya aku telah pasakkan pagar dikeliling ampat penjuru ku, dibacakan pendinding dienam pintu ku, diasah tajam dilapan makrifat ku... Sakiranya ada penceroboh yang mampir, harus diberikan salam dulu kalo nak bertandang.

Datang cara baik, ku layan cara baik... datang cara tak baik, haaaa... nih dia hadiahnya....

Ente fahimtum??

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DODGE these...

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So what do you think?

Actually these are taken from my collection and the one I stumbled upon today... It just brings back my memories of the yesteryears when I used to mob everything I can think of then...

These days, I'm a bit lack of ideas... :P
5th Jul 2006, 10:29   comments (15)

Emmmmm... emmmm

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This time around it's just me, a slice of blueberry cheese cake and a slice of apple pie... fuyoooo... boleh tangkap lentok tuh...

Anybody interested?

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Ada yang berminat?? Aku nak cari kaki ler.. Dateline 17 July nih...

Nak maklumat lanjut lagi? Okay... yang nih Maklumat Lanjut, dan yang nih Borang Penyertaan
4th Jul 2006, 08:54   comments (5)

Help you I can... hmmmm

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Okay, okay.. this has been discussed before in defeated's blog and EyeQ's mob, so it will be redundant to create another one to discuss the MoblogImporter v0.4 here.
So, to all the ex-Taers who would like to archive their mobs, please refer to the links given and these visual representations of what you may expect in configuring the app.
Time is running out. It's about a week until the... errr.. total brain dysfunction.

23rd Jun 2006, 10:04   | tags:comments (20)

Buka Bunga Silat

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Originally published on/at Saturday, October 30, 2004Imported by MoblogImport v0.4.2361.30606
23rd Jun 2006, 05:09   comments (12)


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Hmmm.. boleh laaa... owh by the way I'm back on my crappy phone... so,
humor me a bit lar...
13th Jun 2006, 03:05   comments (11)

Jambatan nih lagik...

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Isk.. macam dah tak dak gambo lain dah nak tangkap.. wakakakaka...
13th Jun 2006, 03:01   comments (4)

Masjid Putra

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I thought nobody has taken the shot from this angle. I was wrong!
Bubba took the similar shot long before I do... and I can appreciate
how much the view is the day I took it.
13th Jun 2006, 02:57   comments (3)
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