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A pint of Kronenburg (£3) and a pint of Abbot (£2.90). Beer has gotten to expensive.


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12th Apr 2006, 19:21   comments (2)


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Cakeblog II

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Today's birthday cake and champagne featured a delicious chocolate cake thanks to Marge and an equally excellent tangerine and cream (lots of cream) cake made by Camelia.

The champagne was also most tasty.
10th Apr 2006, 19:15   | tags:,,comments (3)


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So, you'd think getting an eye test and buying new glasses would be a relatively easy task wouldn't you? Apparently not.

I wear rimless glasses and at Specsavers these come with extra-thin lenses as standard. However, I am very long sighted and have a huge astigmatism so I normally go for even thinner lenses than this. Unfortunately Specsavers ultimate thin and clear lenses are not hard enough to go in rimless frames. This is all a bit odd I thought.

After much discussion and a few phone calls to their lab, it transpires that their "ultimate" thin lenses are in fact not quite as ultimate as they would like you to think and you can get even thinner ones that are hard enough to go into rimless glasses and just to rub it in, on inspection of my last prescription, this is what I already have. Hence in ten days time I shall have a new pair of glasses that are just as thin as the ones I'm wearing now. Hurrah!
8th Apr 2006, 16:22   | tags:,comments (9)

Last night's curry

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1. Just after we finished eating curry.

2. Joie pulls a funny face.

3. We get more beer.

Midsummer Common

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6th Apr 2006, 19:57   | tags:,comments (4)

Chesterton War Memorial

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