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Newbie here!!!

Later on, would like to spend some time to see what to edit and how..

Helps, are so welcome :))



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Sketch the Valentine

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Thanks to Moblog, now I try my best to use all the features of my mobile's camera.
These pictures were taken with Sharp 903SH, the Camera effects set to Sketch.


1. Vallen, wondering... "who's that singer?"
2. Me, "can you check the man behind me? is he trying to stab my back?"

Where : Avenue A, Jogjakarta.
When : Valentine's day, 22:00.
14th Feb 2006, 16:25   | tags:,,comments (2)

Indonesian Batik

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I was stepping out from the lift in Novotel Jogjakarta when I saw this shop.
It was like a batik-designer boutique.
Batik is the Indonesian's traditional cloth.
They have it for both men and women.

On these pictures, you can judge that they're for women :D


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Just for fun.
Big eyes, mad, sad and aristocrat.
Which one will you fall for?
14th Feb 2006, 06:33   | tags:,,,comments (0)


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What do you think about this shot?
I shot when i was diving in Bunaken?
Hehehe so wrong.
I took the picture at a counter which display tanks with fishes.
But i am sure those living things on the picture come from Bunaken, Mollucas or Papua.

Btw, my previous entry cost me IDR 450 (it was 18kb).
USD 1 = IDR 9200.
You do the math! :)
Surely can say its so cheap...?

Oh i live in Indonesia, and provider is telkomsel.
More about Bunaken, Mollucas and Papua, please do a google :)

IDR = Indonesian Rupiah.
13th Feb 2006, 14:14   | tags:,,comments (0)


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This is my first entry.. Should start post with a picture of mine hehehe.I dont really know what should i shoot then send to my blog use my cellphone, so the next post will be about pricing.. :D
How much does it cost to send email with attachment(s) over gprs.
13th Feb 2006, 13:56   comments (3)
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