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Newbie here!!!

Later on, would like to spend some time to see what to edit and how..

Helps, are so welcome :))



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basic instinct 2

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My purchases

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Now I let you have a look at the plastic bags only :)The things inside are a whole lot confidential...---------------------
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I must be so lucky

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I won a million rupiah worth voucher (usd 100).Alas nothing much to buy there...
They don't have (so many) things I want to have (badly).But the vouchers swapped too.
None has a problem in spending I guess...
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I dont understand this thing and dont think have time to learn how to.
SHot this last december, while did search for some novels.
Btw, sometimes when i read the newspaper and come to a page contain this game, (read its name) its like someone screams

"fuck me (hard!)"...

sudo, sodok = shoot, fuck.
ku, aku = i, my, me.
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Perfect gift for me
(who is a "platinum" egoiste?)

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