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Name: Andrew James Watts
Age: 28
Born: Solihull (me posh - never!)
Married: to me lovely wife Shelley
Likes: Music (all sorts), Liverpool FC, Denver Nuggets, FOOD!
Stuff I get up to: being a mad scientist, going to Church (see, eating out, fishing, playing PS2, fixing my 1966 VW Beetle etc etc.



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Oh Dear - Terrible Aim! Gr8 Party though

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Yo Hipsters!
Sorry I've not blogged for ages! Been busy to say the least - even been to Tallinn (Estonia) on business (woo, very posh NOT).
Well it was Shelley's 30th Birthday and at the weekend we celebrated by inviting the family over for a BBQ in the scorching British summer! Fun was had, food was devoured and Garden darts kept us entertained. You can see why they were all laughing - what terrible aim!!!
17th Jul 2006, 19:36   comments (1)

Back On the road!

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Nice One! My lovely VW Beetle made it through the M.O.T. - quality! I was well chuffed! So the car, now 40 years old - born in 1966, back in 2006. . . Hmmm didn't England win in '66? It's about time our lads brought us back the world cup. . . it's comin' home, it's comin, footballs comin' home!
3rd Jun 2006, 12:15   comments (0)


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Today we finally got around to re-vamping (and cleaning out) or Cichlid fish tank. It was a messy job and not the most obvious thing to do on a day off ! Still, we were well pleased with the results. Talking of which another nice 2 goals for Liverpool players tonight for England ! I'm hoping and praying for a result tomorrow too as my 1966 VW Beetle goes in for it's long awaited M.O.T. It'll either be a day for celebration or a day to shed a few tears - I'll let you know peeps!!!
30th May 2006, 22:44   comments (0)

Liverpool win the FA Cup

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What a final ! ! Surely one of the best games I've ever seen. It had everything. . . my heart was going ten to the dozen throughout! Stevie G - what an awesome player. I can't wait for the world cup! It was a shame for the Bubble Blowing Hammers. A big 'musht gwumble' for my mate Rob Nixon - chin up lad!. But there's always next year and an UEFA cup place to boot - an achievement for a side who've only been in the Prem for 1 season!
13th May 2006, 20:05   comments (1)

'86 FA Cup - Replay

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Yesterday I went to Anfield to see the Charity game - Liverpool Vs Everton. We had superb seats just off the 1/2 way line (thanks to my mate Phil) in the paddock. We were about 10 rows away from Steven Gerrard who was bombarded by people asking for autographs etc. It was great to see the older LFC crew playing again. Hansen was great and dominated the back line for 30 mins, Molby could still ping the ball around and amazed us (he played fro 80mins!). Unfortunately there were no Goals for Kenny or Rush but Liverpool won the game by 1-0 in the 90th minute.
2nd May 2006, 19:55   comments (2)

Gone Fishin'

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We had a bitterly cold fishing session this afternoon. The wind was cold and me, Shell, Jenny & Roger were frozen. Still Jenny (Shells Mom) was chuffed with her 3 carp (one pictured was 10lb 10oz). I was well pleased with mine too (my p.b an 8lb carp). Not bad - I've not long taken up the sport!!! All in all a good afternoon out in the fresh air!
30th Apr 2006, 21:36   comments (1)

Frog on da blog

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We were painting our fences today (as you do....). We saw this little fella and had to take his photo - such a cute little kermit.
30th Apr 2006, 00:11   comments (1)

Meet the Cat dudes!

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Here's the terrible two!Dylan (the ginger fella) - Dopey beyond belief but well soppy (although he lives in denial).
and his sister....
Lottie (black and white one) - Brainier than Albert Einstein, but we think she thinks she's human (i.e. mad as a hatter!).
25th Apr 2006, 18:41   comments (0)