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Name: Andrew James Watts
Age: 28
Born: Solihull (me posh - never!)
Married: to me lovely wife Shelley
Likes: Music (all sorts), Liverpool FC, Denver Nuggets, FOOD!
Stuff I get up to: being a mad scientist, going to Church (see, eating out, fishing, playing PS2, fixing my 1966 VW Beetle etc etc.



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New York, New York

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So good I blogged it twice!
18th Mar 2007, 19:51   comments (5)

NYC Eatcha Heart Out

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Hey Peeps!Here are a few snaps from NYC.
A stunning city full of life. A wonderful place!
Central Park was 'awesome' in the snow, and the skating was hard on my feet, but was great fun tho'!
18th Mar 2007, 19:50   comments (0)

M42 @ night

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Check this out. . .Just taken it - so who's been messin with the settings on the camera then (I wonder)?Cameras are cool - it's official!
17th Feb 2007, 20:30   comments (1)

Dylan says:

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One step closer mister & I'll get very angry!
17th Feb 2007, 19:17   comments (4)

Hmmm - Question:

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Who is this Statue?
Answers on a post card. . . .
17th Feb 2007, 18:35   comments (1)

Hungry, greedy Sea!

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Whilst on the beach it was only right that I took full advantage of the excellent facilities. . . the sea! The conditions were perfect for body boarding and surf was up! Quite a few surfers were there fully kitted out with w/suits 'n' boards - prancing up and down they were limbering up. Pah! 'Ave it I thought and ran straight in! I was having a great time, riding the waves. . . 'til a big un got me and the nasty sea ate my sunnies! Whooops! Musht Gwumble - as the sea had already swallowed my 3euro kite Tim had bought me. . . well it was kinda my fault as I was flying it up in the ocean breeze letting all the string out to get it right up in the sky - O ooow - the string wasn't tied to the handle. So the greedy sea swallowed up the kite in one gulp leaving me with just the handle and a funny memory! What a gr8 time we had! Thanks Tim, Jen, Alan and Hestar luv Andy & Shell x x x
17th Oct 2006, 18:51   comments (3)

Oy Nutters!

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As normal we had a great laugh, messing around in typical fashion - don't we look fetchin'. Also, Shell as normal managed to avoid any incriminating foto's and looked lovely sittin' on this wall in a beutiful restaurant garden. . .
17th Oct 2006, 18:36   comments (1)


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Hi Peeps!Not long got back from Portugal, had a brilliant time! Lots of cool stuff went on (see Tims site too) and we hada good laugh. Jen's mom 'n' dad, Al & Hes really looked after us and spoilt us all rotten - thanks guys!! Me and Tim showed we are always in step. . . We saw a few cool VW's too and spotted this Beetle on the way to dinner one night 9we were travelling when I took this foto. . .). More coming up soon :-)
17th Oct 2006, 18:33   comments (0)
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