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Drow transport

(viewed 795 times)
No better way to go
24th Apr 2005, 03:17   comments (2)

Heading home

(viewed 877 times)
Tired but very happy
24th Apr 2005, 03:12   comments (2)

Remnants of the seder

(viewed 792 times)
We had hired help this year. First year in memory that was trauma free.
24th Apr 2005, 03:07   comments (0)

Riding uncle mikes harley

(viewed 770 times)
24th Apr 2005, 02:00   comments (2)

My silly girl

(viewed 804 times)
23rd Apr 2005, 17:35   comments (2)

Pops is here

(viewed 862 times)
My dad is here to visit for the morning, Heaven help me between my father and Ben, my last nerve has turned into a lit fuse. They both know *just* how to pusg my buttons. Good thing I love them both so much.
22nd Apr 2005, 16:21   comments (7)

Soccer mom huh?

(viewed 1311 times)
I can only conform so much till I burst. Marriage, two kids, house in the suburbs, minivan - I took it all. But this pushed me over the edge. I want more ink - but till then this'll have to do.
19th Apr 2005, 23:14   comments (14)

Today, he discovered Dandelions

(viewed 803 times)
He picked two, made them kiss. Then asked me to make them "a hat" so I stuck them on his ears. He promptly went back to kicking the soccer ball around.
18th Apr 2005, 02:17   comments (3)