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Another shot of the Verizano

(viewed 808 times)
20th Jun 2005, 17:09   comments (0)

Had an interesting weekend,

(viewed 961 times)
but this was my favorite shot by far. It is the verizano bridge
heading into brooklyn to see my dad.
20th Jun 2005, 14:38   comments (2)

And the reason for sushi?

(viewed 1017 times)
We finally got new table. I know, I know Bronxelf, not what you would
have picked. But it is the right size, functionality and best of all

I got it at an auction so it was cheaper than anything else we had
looked at despite being solid wood and well built.A good size table that comfortably seats four with four chairs that are comfortable and most blessedly not the folding chairs we've been sitting on. I think I was the only one at the auction that realized that it had a butterfly leaf :) So it will comfortably sit six for our friday night movies.

The new table, required something fabulous to christen it with, so
sushi was called for!
13th Jun 2005, 05:36   comments (8)

A bottle + of sake later

(viewed 907 times)
and things have gone rapidly downhill. Ben is having way too much fun
watching daddy be cheesypeas. He find that dropping things on the
floor is a good way to keep dad busy.

The drunken drow decides he is invisible thanks to the clever use of
napkin and liberal consumption of sake.

Me? I'm just going to have a fudge pop and watch my boys be crazy.
13th Jun 2005, 03:25   | tags:comments (4)

Sushi & Sake Blogging

(viewed 1767 times)
And so the fun began.
13th Jun 2005, 03:21   | tags:,comments (8)

Daddy is cheesy peas

(viewed 1370 times)
13th Jun 2005, 03:02   | tags:comments (3)

Glass half full

(viewed 899 times)
The positive side of all this lack of sleep is that I actually am updating this as well as my LJ. My last real update on LJ was about 3 weeks ago. Its been about a week on here too. Off to try and sleep again. Gnight MoblogUk. Hopefully all these lovely images will give me sweeter dreams.
8th Jun 2005, 06:29   comments (0)

Can't sleep

(viewed 774 times)
Its 1:30am here. Only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and not all at once. I have to be up in about 5 hours when the kids wake up. I am already at the point of neusea and shakiness from lack. Tried to go to bed a while ago but my mind will not stop spinning. I was so tired this morning that I had to use eye cream to get the bags under my eyes to go down enough to see to make the kids breakfast.
8th Jun 2005, 06:22   comments (0)