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Video up: CNN Paul Zahn Now

(viewed 3043 times)
Added the file tonight to

Again, special thanks to cassiusdrow for encoding & editing it & to Tieespie
via Daz for hosting!

Scanner crashed

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I went to scan in some reports for work and my darling girl helped me
knock it off it's (precarious) perch. It smashed open, with the cover
in one place, the button panel in another and the circuit board
unattached. I figured I'd give it a try putting it back together
before running out and buying a new one as I must have one for work.
And what you do you now? I fixed it. Woo!
16th Jul 2005, 23:46   comments (3)

Locks of Love

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I've been growing my hair to donate to Locks For Love since September 13,
2004 when Allie Scott died. She was the daughter of a
friend of a friend, so no close connection, but her story really
touched me. I could not think of any other way to honor the life of
someone so small, who touched so many.

I went in today to Michael Anthony who I have gone to for years -
though it has been 3 years since I'd seen him. Frankly, I am
dissapointed in how short it is. I get that it is a nice cut - he is
good - but I had said shoulder length. He *knows* I like my hair
long. I would have liked it about 4-5" longer than it is now. I know
it will grow back quickly and it was for a good cause, but I look in
the mirror and don't see me.

For now I'm still in shock. I don't hate it but it just isn't my style.
16th Jul 2005, 22:09   comments (8)


(viewed 1304 times)
Much shorter than i wanted . trying not to cry.
16th Jul 2005, 18:20   comments (17)

Interviews are up!

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Special thanks to cassiusdrow for encoding & editing it & to Tieespie
via Daz for hosting!

Bronxelf & Alfie on ABC's World News Tonight

(viewed 3177 times)
Video is encode. I am just waiting for info on where it is to be
hosted. Much thanks to cassisudrow for encoding and editing away all
the excess garbage.

Dayside on Fox News

(viewed 1948 times)
He got in a nice plug for moblog.And Alfie? Nice chesthair!

Good Morning AFD!

(viewed 1720 times)
Here are some screenshots of WNA & AFD on GMA. I am working on
figuring out how to get it uploaded so everyone can watch it. If
there is anyone local with the tech to do it let me know and I'll get
you a dvd of it asap.

Also, just for the record... Alfie? Your head was so big on our giant
tv it looked like you could have eaten one of my cats (or kids) whole.
That's a lot of AFD for this early in the morning.