The world through a watery gaze

by alicat9

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'I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into
the ripe air
alive : with closed eyes' Bjork

'If you wake up
and the day feels a-broken
just lean into the crack
and it will tremble ever so nicely
how it sparkles
down there' Bjork

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Sanity restoring walk

(viewed 670 times)
I had some bad news on Friday afternoon and was massively upset.
Managed to finally drag myself out for a walk at the foresty bit down
the road feeling really numb, and then encountered some great
delights. I live right in the city, so i didn't expect to see a
woodpecker - such a delight, and really made me gain some perspective
again :)
30th May 2007, 10:53   comments (4)

Kelvingrove Art

(viewed 724 times)
Found this saucy minx in the newly reopened Kelvingrove Museum and art
gallery in Glasgow last summer , she was fab, and the suspended heads
were a bit creepy....
28th May 2007, 17:13   comments (4)

What a delightful cup!

(viewed 625 times)
This cup gives me such lovely compliments - super positively charged tea :)
28th May 2007, 16:48   comments (2)

'At the car wash.....'

(viewed 603 times)
'Talking about the car wash, yeah'
*does 70's disco dancing round the living room*
27th May 2007, 14:25   comments (5)

Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime

(viewed 1767 times)
27th May 2007, 10:46   comments (4)

Go on, I dare you

(viewed 754 times)
*sticks out tongue and grins*
26th May 2007, 14:40   comments (18)

Mini steam train

(viewed 2082 times)
Howard the engine took us 1 mile from the campsite in
Wells-next-the-sea to the town - it was ace! (September last year -
last sunny weekend of year)
25th May 2007, 23:53   comments (8)

Silver tabby fun

(viewed 602 times)
My cousins cats Mac and Zoe like water
25th May 2007, 23:45   comments (3)