The world through a watery gaze

by alicat9

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'I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into
the ripe air
alive : with closed eyes' Bjork

'If you wake up
and the day feels a-broken
just lean into the crack
and it will tremble ever so nicely
how it sparkles
down there' Bjork

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(viewed 783 times)
25th Jun 2007, 20:19   comments (10)

Park Pigeons

(viewed 886 times)
Walked home from town on sat through the Arboretum and spent time
enjoying the birds
25th Jun 2007, 20:02   comments (4)

Architecture feedback

(viewed 608 times)
Nottingham city council wanted feedback from it's residents about
their views on the architecture of the area, and had erected these
'trees' under the council house for the purpose of hanging your
Personally i wanted to know how they justified spending 12 and a half
million pounds on a new market square AND the fountain doesn't even
work properly
25th Jun 2007, 19:51   comments (1)

Cleethorpes breakers

(viewed 797 times)
Took these on may bank holiday weekend in Cleethorpes with a blind
date - it was a great day out at the seaside, including crazy golf and
a G&T; in a bar called Willeys!
22nd Jun 2007, 23:06   comments (16)

Home is where the heart is

(viewed 777 times)
couldn't resist this when i was by the canal in Newark yesterday -
made me giggle :)
21st Jun 2007, 16:26   comments (19)


(viewed 775 times)
21st Jun 2007, 16:19   comments (23)


(viewed 598 times)
Lovely afternoon yesterday at Beacon HIll near Loughborough - got some
nice shots including this painted lady , but i don't know what species
the caterpillar is - anyone know?
17th Jun 2007, 14:11   comments (7)

Garden continued

(viewed 637 times)
11th Jun 2007, 22:30   comments (8)