The world through a watery gaze

by alicat9

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'I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into
the ripe air
alive : with closed eyes' Bjork

'If you wake up
and the day feels a-broken
just lean into the crack
and it will tremble ever so nicely
how it sparkles
down there' Bjork

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Graduation goodies

I am now a fully qualified, fully registered nurse - yay!
30th Jul 2007, 19:56   comments (12)

splish splash

15th Jul 2007, 12:17   comments (11)

Hospital flora

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The QMC hospital flora in Nottingham is made in glass (presumably it's easier to maintain and needs less water) to brighten up
the dated windows around the centre of the entrance floor and bridge -
I love them and had to capture them when i was there for interviews
this week :)
13th Jul 2007, 23:15   comments (11)

Pennies from heaven

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I got my copper pot out the other day and stared counting, then got
bored and took some photies before i put them back
13th Jul 2007, 22:51   comments (3)

Yay! we're married

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My best Mate Nikki got married on Saturday, an emotional and fun day.
I think she and her new hubby Martin looked stunning :) Oooh, and i
had to sneak a quick snap of the two of us in too, one of about three
photos from 158 that i didn't take...
10th Jul 2007, 12:39   comments (6)

Sprocket Hood, Prince of erm...cakes!

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Had a great day when Sprocket visited at the weekend - we did the Nottingham Castle touristy stuff, and we made comedy cakes too! Thanks for a lovely day :)
2nd Jul 2007, 22:30   comments (7)

General Zod goes wheat free!

(viewed 647 times)
Sprocket - i think i see a resemblance....;)
1st Jul 2007, 22:47   comments (7)


(viewed 751 times)
Does anyone else see it?
28th Jun 2007, 18:30   comments (18)