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what goes in my ears?
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there is at LEAST a pound of hair in the trash bin, now.
my hair has been that short for a good week or so, on one side (the shorter), but, yesterday, I felt the urge to start triming the side that I usually wear in a braid, that goes went almost to my elbow.
anyway, my hair is much closer to even, now, though, I'm thinking the more boy-ish cut is only going to cause me more grief with coworkers/friends.

and, that's one of my 5 earrings. I, funny enough, never had my ears pierced. (eyebrow, yes. ears, no.) so, I only have a few old fashioned screw-back style ones. that one is one I found at a flea market, and then modified by hanging the swallow on it. (I don't like birds, but, I think swallows are pretty neat, for being birds.)
14th Feb 2006, 06:52   comments (12)


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work shirts are usually funny.
and not so bad because I'm accumulating fun collared shirts to go under them.
that's the same grey shirt in both shots, it just looks grey in one and blue in the other because the camera works too hard at balancing light.

I don't know if it was vandalism, an accident, a way of letting someone know something about particular poles, or what.
all i know is, end result, the ugly poles along part of campus now feel like trees. (you know, the red and white peeling bark sort.) It's like someone overheard my grumbling about not living in Yosemite, anymore, and brightened my day.
11th Feb 2006, 00:24   comments (2)


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after getting out of work at 2:10am or so. playing with cardboard packing tubes went on for about 45 minutes.
(20 of which was taken by cramming them into the car through the trunk, and into the front seat, and then another 10 trying to pull them out because driving wouldn't quite be safe with them in at the angle they were.)

aaron was giving me his death-metal snarl, but, shutter lag caught the tail-end of it, right before laughing.

the razr does handle low light a bit better than my t610 did, I have to admit that much.
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