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Stokesay Castle

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This impressive gatehouse has certainly stood the test of time. The castle which is actually a fortified manor house has been here near the Welsh borders since the 13th Century.
26th Jul 2006, 21:53   comments (0)


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Is this the equivalent of Win95 in the farming world?
There is a host of discarded/updated farming equipment strewn in the hedgerows outside the tiny hamlet of Edwyn Ralph in Herefordshire. Nearby is the beautiful old St Michael's church which was originally built at the end of the 12th Century. In a field behind it is the remains of an old motte-and-bailey castle - the only sign of a former settlement that was wiped out by the Black Death.
12th Jul 2006, 11:42   comments (0)

Soaking up the rain

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The plan was to camp in the Lake District whilst getting some running training over the fells in the glorious sunshine we've recently been experiencing.
However, the weather gods had other ideas! Such strong winds during the night along with thunder storms required us to hold up the tent walls against the gales instead of sleeping.
Now back home, the sun has returned to laugh at us!
11th Jul 2006, 10:36   comments (2)

Barren lands

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Much of the days on the ice were spent with very flat light. This meant that you could not seen the terrain we were travelling across - you could not see any of the contours of the land; only feel it as you skied over the roughness of the ice. Often we were falling over because we were going over tough terrain without even seeing it. It was, then, all the more beautiful when the skies cleared and we were able to absorb the wondrous cruelty and beauty of our surroundings.
7th Jul 2006, 16:50   comments (4)

Arctic Fox

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Whilst camping on the sea ice, I awoke in the very early hours to hear a rustling outside the tent. My initial worry was bear.
Cautiously unzipping the tent with one hand on the stock of the shotgun, I was greeted by a small white face. My first sleepy thought was that it was a polar bear cub - hell!! - where's the mother??
Sudden wakefulness and it dawned on me that it was an arctic fox - phew!The sly creature was raiding our sledges for food. I tried to quietly wake my team mates to see, but they were dead to the world. Fortunately, it stayed around long enough for me to snap a few pictures before trotting off
over the ice.
A truly memorable experience.
6th Jul 2006, 09:12   comments (24)