Zooming Around The Existence

by affy

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Just a note to say i'm living, that i'm not among the dead. Though i'm getting more forgetful & mixed up in the head!!!

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Spinnin light

(viewed 624 times)
Can't really get the spining effect
5th Sep 2006, 06:03   comments (2)

Hello there

(viewed 536 times)
A bit blur huh... nevermind lah
5th Sep 2006, 06:02   comments (0)

2 minute to Lunch Time

(viewed 497 times)
Of course, this is not the menu.....When i'm busy or happy, i'll be easily hungry
When i'm sad, my stomach will be automatically in a dormant mode.So... now you know... I'm a happy jolly kind a person....By the way... dah lama aku tak update kan... kan... kan...
5th Sep 2006, 05:58   comments (1)

Proof of Purchase

(viewed 550 times)
RM10/kilo.... boleh la wat lepas kempunan makan durian kampung...
bukannyer nak makan sebakul pun....
28th Jul 2006, 02:45   comments (5)

King of Fruit

(viewed 581 times)
If only i could spread the smell all over the world... tell you how
the taste feels, how it gives pleasure to every single taste buds.....
Hahahahha (mind me please)
28th Jul 2006, 02:38   comments (8)

Quest for the King

(viewed 632 times)
Sorry geng, wa sudah ta tahan daaaaa... wa terpaksa... dah tak mampu
nak menahan... dah tak mampu nak melawan... dah tak mampu nak
mengelak... huhuhuhuhu
28th Jul 2006, 02:33   comments (3)

Airport Pic

(viewed 584 times)
Same angle, different airport
19th Jul 2006, 02:15   comments (8)


(viewed 639 times)
Posing for the camera
19th Jul 2006, 02:12   comments (6)